Today I was unable to put this ETF into my pie … whatever percentage I tried … is there any explication for it ? minimum trading quantity is 1 which is he same than for GSPX which seems to work … so I am not able to see in the details why it would not be eligible for pie. It also looks like it is ISA eligible …

Seems to be the case for all GBP hedged ETF somehow … just have this weird popup saying Try again

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Thanks for bringing this up. I’m checking the situation now.

I think these are non-fractional instruments which cannot be imported into a pie unfortunately.

Is there a way to identify fractional / non-fractional ETF on the platform ? like an indicator for example in the detail screen ?

I also think that if these are not available to include into a pie, a better way would be not to propose them in the list or maybe to make it more obvious that they cannot be included.

Hey, @ollie :wave:

I have checked the situation, and IGTM is now available to be traded in fractions, with the minimum quantity being 0.25 shares. I’ll let you know once I have an update on IHHG, WIGG and GBP-hedged ETFs as a whole.

For the moment, you can see if an instrument is fractional only by going to the instrument details tab and checking the minimum trading quantity. If the number is 1, the instrument is not tradeable in fractions, while if it is less than 1 - the instrument can be traded in fractions.

While most of the instruments that we offer on the app are fractional, IHHG, WIGG and IGTM were recently added instruments, hence why they weren’t available to be traded in fractions just yet. Still, I’ll forward your suggestion not to show non-fractional instruments in the Pie list :pray:

Heya excellent ! and thanks for the quick turn around … that makes perfect sense. Yes I suspect these Hedged GBP ETF are fairly new to the platform … the other one that does not seem to be fractional is CEUG …

I did not realised you could change these on your side.

Something that does not make sense though, is if I look at the instrument GSPX for example - the minimum quantity is 1 but I can still add it to my pie … are you sure the limitation on pie is related to the min quantity ?

Cheers top support :ok_hand::+1:

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Hi again, @ollie :wave:

Just wanted to let you know CEUG, IHHG and WIGG are now also available in fractions.

Overall, these instruments were recently added and were in the review stage. We have gone through all of the new additions, and they should now be available for fractional trading on both ISA and Invest :raised_hands:

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