Illiquid Aim stocks on T212

Is there any way T212 can flag illiquid stocks prior to purchase due to no direct access to market makers?

I have sell orders on ARS and NCCL and have been advised by chat support it could take days for the orders to execute!

See below for the response from chat.

Whilst most of the orders are filled within a few seconds, please note that when it comes to Equities and ETFs (on Trading 212 Invest and ISA accounts), the execution time completely depends on every market and it may even take a few days for some orders to be executed (e.g. AIM-listed stocks​)​. In other words, certain market conditions (i.e. liquidity) have to be met to have the orders executed. Also, please bear in mind that market orders are executed (it is their technical nature) at the best possible price when the liquidity is met, not at the price which you see upon submission. I can assure you that this is not specific to our platform.

Checking the trade volume from the London Stock Exchange works for me, but agree it would be convenient if an average trade volume marker was added to the app.

We probably need to define that with a sort of low/med/high status based on volume and size of trading. It would help educate relatively new investors as well.

That might be helpful. The first stock you invested in only has about 50/60 trades matched with buyers/sellers each day.


Completely agree. If T212 are aware certain stocks are illiquid it just improves the customer experience by flagging that so any investor is making an informed choice.

Fingers crossed I can sell sooner rather than later and add the stocks to my redlist of what not to trade on T212.

I’m finding if fractional shares are available, general liquidity is good. Where there is no f denoted liquidity seems less good.

That’s incredibly helpful thanks for flagging.

They do this when you purchase, no?

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Yeah, the app always displays a low liquidity warning before I place orders with such stocks.

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That’s interesting I’ve never seen that, is there a screen shot you could share or an example of a stock that comes up with.

I’ve just tried to a buy for the same stocks and no low liquidity warning came up. I’m using the app on an Android device.

Yeah, this is how it looks:

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Thanks Vic, that doesn’t come to with either ARS or NCCL. Appreciate you sharing the screenshot, a reminder of the strength of the user community here.

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