Please explain the graph

Just out of interest can you explain in simple terms why the graph is showing one thing but the figures show the opposite?
I bought some share at 34.37 Euros, they rose up in price to 34.90 Euros on the graph and the solid line is above the dotted line of my buying price, but the figures show in the portfolio in red as £0.02 (006%).

Just notice the price has risen to 34.91 Euros and now the portfolio is in green saying £00.9(0.29%)


Currency fluctuations probably. Look at fx impact below gain/loss value

As said, FX and/or sell price. The chart shows buy price. Check sell price below Average price of instrument.

Thank you for the quick reply, that explains it, I have another showing a similar thing, the solid line has risen above my dotted line buying price and like the above showing a loss in red in my investments.


Ha Ha funny I just went to have another look and it was a minute before market close, I’ve never seen this happen before.
The solid line was jumping up then down and back again, one second in the red then the green etc, just as the market closed it landed in the red below my dotted line, I know it can change but this was very erratic.