What is this! Come on

I mean come on! Check the buying price . Bought at 17.44 , price is at 17.51 and it keep going up and my return keeps going more into the loss area . WHAT IS THIS! price go up , profit goes down . Nice T212

You bought at 17.44 and the sell price is 17.19.

Man the price its at 17.51 ! When it was at 17.49 I was in profit already . At 17.51 i was down 70$

You can click down arrow at rentabilitate, to see FX rate loss.

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You have a buy price and a sell price.

I understand .What i mean is that price kept going up! And my profit kept going down wich makes no sense

So basically stock gone up , selling price gone down with each tick

@Vedran I this is more of a spread issue rather than FX.

@PredyXX you can print sell/buy charts (at least on the web) together, and see where your position is at truely.

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no, you bought from “asking” price and if you want to sell you’ll sell from “bid” price.

Click on Rentabilitate as @Vedran mentioned.

You’ll see the impact of euro to dollar, and also the difference between your avg and the bid.

Removing the foreign exchange from it for the moment you are looking for the sell price to go above your average 17.44

As .19 is less than .44 you would be in loss, unless the exchange went in your favour.

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That is a nice spread, 2%. :thinking:

Though you can only do that in CFD and not Invest/ISA (which that app screenshot in the OP is from)

Strangely in android app, spread seems normal.

oh apologies my bad.

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The reason for the unusual .25 spread based on his phones time is this:

Where the ask hit a low of 17.26 on that candle. So the bid of 17.19 that @PredyXX saw makes perfect sense to me. And a few moments later it would have jumped back up.