Portfolio assets sorting in the new (beta) web app + view stock info from pie holdings

This feature is present in the old UI, but sadly didn’t make it to the new one, which I feel like is overall better, but is lacking this feature.

It would be nice to be able to sort owned stocks in the portfolio - just like in the old UI by the overall holding value, % holding value, by profit/loss, % profit/loss, daily gain/loss, etc.
Having them sorted from A-Z gets really messy, once you hold several stocks.

Also, being able to view stock information/graph when clicking on it in the pie holding window would be nice as well.

Aside from that, I like the new UI a lot!
Good job!

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there is already an advanced UI in the works that is hopefully coming to us soon.

this should likely contain this feature that was left out in the beta version for simplicity.


That is great to hear!
Thanks for the info - looking forward to the advanced UI.

Can we switch back to the old UI somehow? This one is a bit rubbish. I don’t need to see every chart. I just want to be able to sort. This is so lacking in functionality, I don’t even want to use the platform any more unless I have to for a stock I can’t find elsewhere.

try looking in the menu.

Thanks - got there in the end

and I was just about to post my artistic screen snip LOL. glad you found it okay.

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They didn’t make it easy - a little obscure. And so very different from the mobile app and new version. Don’t suppose you can tell me how to get rid of charts entirely? (A little off topic, but need room to view sorted list.)

charts are here to stay for the moment, however they are working on an advanced UI now that the beta has showcased the proof of concept and gotten lots of feedback. hopefully they can include a no-chart toggle for those who don’t need them all the time.

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Thanks. Yeah, that would be useful. Or a multi-asset chart. That would almost be bliss. :wink: I like to group assets by sector on one chart - much easier to compare.