Specialised allocations. Including sectors, diversification

At the moment my portfolio (on the app) shows only half of my actual investments and shows up the ones that don’t show up as ‘other’.

I would like to see a better break down of my investments. What different sectors I am currently in (preferably in a pie chart).
I like the idea of the pie chart, it’s what I use, but try to show all of my investments rather than just a few.

I do this outside of the app but it would make my job a lot easier and less time consuming if you had it within this app and when I purchase a stock it automatically adds it. Maybe you add this into when you click your allocations?


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Hi @Irish, we are aware that the portfolio breakdown graph needs a bit of improvement and it will be definitely addressed soon. I’ll keep you posted.


I completely agree. Iv have searched everywhere for a UK friendly portfolio tracker simply so I can view my portfolio in term of asset allocation, by sector. There aren’t any that are good and the ones there are aren’t free. It seems ashame that the data is clearly there in the 212 app but not allowing you to see it in that way. I desperately want to see a feature like this.

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Do you know a date for a next app update that might add this feature? I personally feel it is a game changer for all investors

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I would like to remember that the first post asking for this kind of improvements is from December 2019!

Really, it’s a must… for any investor and broker (to make more money)


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