ISA Holdings Transfer IN

Having read on the website regarding current transferring process, I have come across the ISA transfer form, unfortunately this form states that transfer must be made fully in cash.
This would require me to incur stock sale cost as well as the potential loss of earnings from up to 6 weeks while transfer process is going ahead (Could easily cost £500).
Having done a fair amount of research trading 212 sounds like an excellent platform and I am very keen to transfer across but the lack of a simple transfer feature is making it unfeasible at the moment, especially when other platforms are offering this.
Having read other forum articles there was mention of a transfer option being made available in 2020, what is the time current roll out on this, is it still going ahead?

T212 are still working on bring this option to clients, although I don’t know the current timescale to do so.

Hi KatDog125,

There are quite a few people waiting for this feature, including myself but unfortunately in-specie transfers are unlikely to be available in this financial year.