Inaccurate result price

Hello, I seeing the wrong result price on Amazon share. As you can see in the screenshot, the bought price was 2465.82 and current sell price is 2524.89. The difference is +$59 and if I convert back to GBP with the rate of 1.2669 (rate from CFD FX), I should be seeing at least £46 if I bought 1 full share. but I bought only 0.27 share and still doesn’t explain why I am still seeing the negative result. Can anyone shed lights on this please?

You need to take in consideration also the difference from exchange rate since you bought them. If you search here about it you can find multiple posts :pray:


You have to compare rate at purchase(see history tab) vs current rate, depending if USD is weaker to GBP since purchase, it is very likely to see negative gains…


@Vedran @ovidiuovidiuovidiu Noted with thanks.

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