Incorrect Return Rate

Stock - Secure Trust Bank, STB

On 19.05.20 I purchased 18 shares - Fill price 850p. Today (22.05.20) the close price is 919p. About an 8% increase. However the Return in app is showing a -£0.18 (-0.12%). I’m not sure why this is as the price has risen 69p. I feel there is either an error on the app or more likely I have missed some specific charge with this stock. Can anyone advise at all?

As you can probably tell I’m new to trading and would appreciate any help.

Kind regards.

What currency is your account? Also can you check “Sell price” it should be right below, Average price.

Those 2 are usual suspects.

Hi Vedran.
Thank you for the quick reply! The currency of my account is Sterling & this is a UK stock also in sterling. However you could be correct with Sell price. It’s showing as 848.98. Why would the sell price not be the market price?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

This really should be known before you start buying stocks.

You’d be best having a Google of bid and ask and starting there.

Hi Donald.

You’re probably not wrong. Thanks for the info.

It’s equally fine to learn as you go, so long as you’re using money you can afford to risk.

Easy mistake to make. Don’t worry about it, it’s a good experience.

Also, I think T212 are working on showing both the Buy and Sell prices upfront so you can see the spread which would be ideal.

Hello, I have similar issue. My average price for PG is around $116, the sell price is $112, but shows, that I have profit. :woman_shrugging: Why this happened? Thank you in advance.

Most probably due to changes in currency exchange rate between usd and gbp


Thank you for the reply. I still learning. :blush:

If you see what £91.54 is in dollars it’s currently worth this second $111.41 rather than $112.38 when you bought.

$112.38 * 1.02 = 114.6276 or £94.18

$111.41 * 1.02 = 113.6382 or £93.38

£94.18 - £93.38 = 80p profit.

If you keep watching it should flicker a couple 1p or so either way throughout the day.


Thank you SO much for the detailed explanation.

Thanks for your help here. :slight_smile:

Hello, I have a similar issue for Several stocks that have had similar problems. If the exchange rate problem should be the same for all stocks, why only a few stocks?Why this happened? Thank you in advance.

The exchange rate changes all the time so the moment of the purchase is also relevant.