Return showing as negative despite being positive

I’ve noticed this happen a few times now with my other penny stocks. You can see my chart shows the return should be positive but below it reports it as negative.

Your average buy price is higher than the sell price. The chart shows the buy price only.

When you own a stock, you must reference the sell price as this is the price you can see your stock at. The buy price and sell price differ because of the spread (not implemented by T212) that naturally exists in the market.

Note that in this case, it seems the sell (bid) price shown in the app may not be entirely up to date, this sometimes happens with LSE instruments and there are other threads on this issue.
When you place a trade, the prices shown in the app have no impact on the price you get. So although the issue is inconvenient, it won’t impact you financially.


So it’s more a case of the sell price shown not being updated/accurate because it’s an LSE instrument and those sometimes face delays? It’s been this way for a while now, days even. I understand it has no impact it’s just very annoying to see red where it shouldn’t be and having to manually open things regularly to check the current return. Very very annoying. But thank you again Ryan.

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Well it is two-fold

  1. You need to check the sell price, not the buy price which is what is shown in the chart, when working out why you are down on an investment
  2. Be aware there are threads on issues with LSE instruments and their price feeds: Does a broker have a legal duty to provide recent indicative ask and bids? - #106 by phildawson

Thanks, I will read them.