Info regarding New Ipo

Guys i am new to the platform, How would I know the new ipo’s is been released in trading212 or not? is there a way of knowing it, like a calendar or something, or do I have to manually search if the new ipo is available in t212 platform or not

If you track the upcoming IPOs and post a NEW TOPIC on the forum ON THE DAY it is set to go live, and tag @David @Martin and @PeterA in the post, it should get added that day.

You may need to post replies to get the guys to notice but they’ve been largely very good with this so far.

Don’t worry, I’m trying to do this whenever one is due, so perhaps start by searching the forum for the ticker you’re after, to see if someone else has requested.

What you waiting for?

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DNB Dun & Bradstreet Holdings, Inc. nasdaq

Yep. Got you covered;