INOVIO’s Buy price

I’m just wondering why INOVIO’s buy price isn’t going down corresponding to its sell price
Usually the spread is 0.2-0.3
It’s currently a whole 1 point as the sell price drops the buy price remains and instead goes up
I’m just confused could someone explain

Happens in periods of high volatility, should settle. For me it’s currently 0.5.

You can actually buy? :sweat_smile:

I’ve been in Ino since 15 took some profit and came back in at 20 after that it didn’t go down that low so I’ve got shares between 28-31
But yes I can still buy i was just wondering why the spread is getting bigger yeah I see now it’s 0.5 still big for Inovio tbh


Now I’m intrigued why you can buy but I get a limit of 0 remaining for long positions :thinking:

Yeah CFD
How many shares you already got invested ?
Pretty sure trading 212 won’t let you buy more than 500 shares

That must be it then!

Have accumulated over a while, as risky as that is.

I haven’t seen this stated anywhere, have you?

No I figured this out through the practice account
Every stock has a max your able to buy
Go onto your practice account and just choose a random stock and try and buy say 10000 of it and it will tell you
That the max you can buy is so on and so on


Well that saves me time trying to buy more :joy: over to the Invest account the funds go.

Thank you and good luck today.

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This spread is killing me :joy:
I want to load up more but I’m cautious
Good luck to you fellow Inovion and let’s hope those phase 1 results come out before the market opens

Hmm, can’t say I anticipated a 10% drop on the positive PR. Could’ve banked my gains and reopened a new 500 :expressionless:

I think it’s because it’s pre market. The spread should get a bit better when the markets open at 2.30pm GMT.

Tell me about it
My account can bearly handle that drop :joy:

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You better still be holding bro