Pre-market access removed (cfd)

It appears as though pre-market and after-hours trading has been removed on one of the instruments I trade - INO

According to the mega thread on the upcoming margin increase, @David you mentioned this was a temporary measure for Friday and that instruments would have their pre-market reinstated for today.

I’ve been trading this instruments since June and it has always had access to extended hours, and it’s quite important to be able to access these extended hours.

Is there any update on this and can we expect for this to be reinstated?


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Still not appearing within pre-market, stock above $13

@Slyster Inovio & Co-Diagnostics had their extended hours removed on Friday. Unfortunately, the base spread is way too large to support a normal extended session without any excessive spikes due to large underlying spreads.

These were the only two companies that had their extended session removed.

Depending on how liquid the stocks are during these pre & post-market sessions, we might reinstate them later on.

Thank you for the update @David.

That’s a real shame as that access is so important, however, as someone who got stopped out by the excessive spikes following the base adjustment spread, I can understand that. I’m surprised there were only two instruments out of your total that have been affected though.

Is it right to assume if (surely?) the base spreads are adjusted back to similar levels, we will see these reinstated, and your team will monitor this?

@Slyster Your assumption’s correct, we hope to reinstate them again very soon.

Is this the same for NKLA? as this is also not appearing in pre-market and states suspended

UPDATE 13:24: Now working, NKLA went to $39 but dropped

Is there any way you guys could provide us with this information formally, case by case? A daily review of changes, or a dedicated forum thread?

Also push notifications sent to anyone who holds positions with a given asset?

Or are we meant to rely on bleeding a stone here?