INRG in Dollars

hi trading212 team,

Can you please add INRG ( Ishares Global Clean energy) in dollars? Currently theres only in pounds.

The USD version only trades on SIX Swiss Exchange, It will make no difference to your profits which you hold.

But the exchange rate from euros to pounds or euro to dollars is different right? I would like my portfolio to be in 1 currency!

Trading 212 always displays the profit amount and value of your investments in your base currency, irrespective of the nominal amount of other currency needed to purchase. The value of 100 shares of both versions of INRG will always show as nearly the same number of USD.

Perhaps they can add the SIX version.

But if you restrict yourself to only stocks priced in USD you will never be able to buy European company stocks.

I know but I would like my portfolio to be in 1 base currency, USD in my case. But you say its not possible to add INRG in dollars?

Yea i know, but my portfolio is focussed on american company’s. I rather invest in American company’s then European, but thats just my personal preference.

So my request remains for the USD version. But thanks for your advice!

Of course you can ask. But I notice that Trading 212 currently offers no ETFs on the Swiss exchange, only Swiss companies. They may have a reason for that. Their partner, Interactive Brokers, offers only the GBP LSE and EUR Italia Borsa versions.