Pie weekly or monthly?

Hello any thoughts on what is best regards investing in my pie monthly or weekly? I’m only talking a couple of hundred each month, in which case does it matter?

You may be interested in this topic and my reply:

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Useful thank you, I’ll probably go weekly then and keep the momentum going.

Lump sum in general outperforms daily/weekly, time in the market wins in long term on average.

With that said, in volatile times like this it wouldn’t be wrong to go weekly, but anyway most statistics show time in market wins meaning as soon as paycheck lands lump sum invest.


Judging by the market I think most of my shares are for the long haul now, so they’ll definitely get time in the market ha ha

I don’t even need to think about it, weekly works for me as I get paid weekly :joy:

If they ever change me to monthly pay, I just follow suit and dump it in. Imagine getting paid only once annually?? :cold_sweat:


Well you would be happy on “the day”, not so when past 6 month mark, 6 more to go. :partying_face:

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Probably 2 weeks after knowing me :joy: