Instrument History - Total Return

I think a good idea would be for stocks to show their net balance on their instrument History. A lot of traders buy and sell on swings and this would be a great way of identifying how much you’ve made from a specific stock or probably in my case lost lol.

You do it for the overall account so don’t see why you can’t do it on an individual basis. Just need to work out sales Profit-Loss.

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Don’t know if any of you guys have put this forward.


This would a smart idea I think!

I haven’t done loads of swings I’m a bit of a novice but I’m just been getting into them after practicing.

You can pretty much pick a handful of stocks to swing in a all honesty (risks do naturally apply).

For instance, just swinging Shopify from 900 to 1050 and back again would of been interesting to track.

Good idea IMO