Intel stock tumbling again

I am mastering the art of buying high and selling low however I didn’t sell my shares of Intel yet. Does anyone have suggestion? :sweat_smile: The stock is tumbling again because Microsoft announced they are going to produce their own microprocessors, my concern is more related to the bigger picture where Intel is being the punchbag of the computer and microprocessors industry recently. Are you keeping/selling or buying more shares of Intel based on this “new” news :cold_face::man_shrugging:t2:

If you were swinging it over Nov then that play finished here where it touched back on the 200.

Heading back to over sold atm

As a long hold it’s probably fine. I won’t be buying any though. Intel has lost its way. To me it’s a long painful hold with minimal gain. Quality stock, ok value and no momentum.

Black in this case is a rolling year and green about 4yrs rolling.

Looks like it peaked running up to Covid.

Question is does Intel have anything to turn the frown upside down?



Don’t currently own it, as the products are currently lagging what others are making, but I am tracking it. Intel has just be a bit lazy lately but it still can be a viable company.

I believe Intel is a company that can reinvent itself so most likely it will not go bankrupt or anything. Just be patient this is not a momentum stock. It might be a year or five but I would not sell it and take a loss just yet. In 6 months they might announce some new product that will double the stock.

But keep an eye on it and the news. It all depends on the next 6-18 months. Technology is in big demand so hopefully Intel will be able to cash in on that. But if it loose to much market and other keep bringing in new and better products then you might have to consider selling :man_shrugging: This is just my opinion to take it as financial advice

You might also be interested in Averaging Down :man_shrugging:

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Thank you both for your answers, that’s a great technical analysis but I think at this stage there is shaking fundamentals, @dMLT that’s roughly what I am undecided about right now, not averaging down because anyway I bought it at 49 when it was hit already and also I bought it quite heavily so I won’t add up I think that the best I can do now is to hold for a while and see if anything good comes up. I believe that Intel management must do something probably give some positive news/hopes to investor at the next earnings announcement otherwise the stock will keep sinking also considering the amount of pessimism everybody has in this company right now. Once I hopefully breakeven (at least) I will reduce the position and consider a better cost opportunity.

Frankly don’t follow any news except financial reports. If fundamentals hold, every dip from short term volatility is cheaper stock for you to hold long term.

Just mute the noise, steady forward. :slight_smile:


They are probably a hold, they are behind in technology today but they are putting a lot into R & D, financially they are very healthy and can ride this out and if they bring solid products to the market in 18 months to two years they will be in good position.

I wouldn’t buy yet I think they will probably fall more over the next 6 to months on average, AMD will be releasing there Epyc Milan line of Server CPU’s which are looking like they are crush anything intel has atm,

They are under far more threat today then they have ever been, with the rise of RISC computing.

Nvidia is focusing a lot of resources on HPC, AI workloads and cloud compute, you can see Nvidia’s focus they spent $6.9 billion acquiring Mellanox for there networking IP & High performance computing interconnects and $40 Billion on ARM which at a stroke gives them the CPU expertise they were lacking.
RISC V is starting to gain support from industry as an alternative to ARM (Important now Nvidia is buying ARM) X86 / CISC computing is under assault.

The fact they are no longer leading in X86 and CISC / ARM is taking market share from X86 puts intel under immense pressure.

But intel is working on a variety of other technologies aside from CPU’s which could help in the medium to long term, they could also use ARM & RISC V themselves and probably should it would give them another area of the market to target.
Even though they have struggled getting 10nm and 7nm running at effective yields, if they can get their 7nm node issues solved in the next 2 years they are again in a very good position.
Look how successful TSMC have been as a pure foundry company.

I think it will get worse before it gets better, but unlike many companies intel has the cash, IP & revenue to get through this if management truly have identified where the company should prioritize they have all the resources to come back strong.

The need for computation is only increasing.

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1year downtrend 5 year check the support line if it holds, good it will bounce back if not it will continue the decline.

Please learn the candlesticks.

If one day one stock opens 5% lower the line won’t show you.

Etc etc etc

:joy: I use candlesticks. For basic two second screengrabs that everyone can see regardless of ability I sometimes use line.

Most of my 2000 posts in this forum that have charts are heikin-ashi or regular candles.

When I’m taking a general look in scoping something out a line will suffice, when I’m day trading or swing then yep I’m on the candles.

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AAAA OK sorry then for the misjudgement.
I hope you can find the time to forgive me


No worries I think most of my posts are responding to threads that start why did it buy at this price I cant see it on the line chart.



As I said on many topics in this forum, Intel has a governance problem. It’s management are bunch of paper pushers and coin counters at the moment. Yes AMD, Apple and microsoft are causing head winds for the stock but all that could be recoverable if the management kept/directed the company as an engineering company, rather than a grocery store chain.