SemiConductor Pie feedback

I’m currently dabbling in semiconductor stocks and slowly doing research into a variety of companies. The ones on my radar are currently in my pie and I’ve given them more or less a random allocation for now while I do my due diligence & research.

If anyone is a seasoned semiconductor investor, do you mind giving some feedback? My pie is

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Ask @kali :eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: he knows a lot about them!

personally don’t know too much about semis but maybe Taiwan Semiconductors, ASMI and BESI could be interesting for you.

Sorry, I forgot to add I am invested in Taiwan Semiconductors but in my invest account as it’s not available for ISAs due to compliance I believe @Etypsyno

In general it looks a nice mix

Intel is going to struggle going forward in my opinion. Their desktop and server x86 architecture is being left behind (Just look at what apple has done with the M1), also the desktop area of computing is past us. The growth will be in AI, Automotive and IOT. On the server slide large customers like Amazon are following apple and deisgning their own devices. But you have a small % in intel so this is probably a wise move.

You might want to consider adding some NXP and/or Infineon to get Automotive and IOT exposure. Although both are at record higha at present as investors relasied the future potential post covid crash, so I would wait for a pull back.

Most of the AI companies are still under VC owners, so keep an eye for them starting to IPO. I am watching Graphcore, interesting company but I am concerned the VC valuation is already very high.

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I have one similar but

NVDA 65%
AMD 25%
INTC 10%

Thoughts on this one? Early days for this pie though. It may change in allocation soon.

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Looks good, I have investments on everything in this pie, although I have stopped buying and not considering to buy further, QRVO, MU, INTC and ADI

I’d probably increase TXN share to the levels of AVGO/QCOM and since your XLNX shares will become AMD after the purchase (with 1.7234 multiplier) you’ll be very overweight in AMD

Thanks for your feedback, @kali!

What are your reasons for droppping QRVO, MU, INTC and ADI?

Also, thanks for the info on TXN - I’ve literally just dumped a small amount into these stocks just to see how they do. I’m going to get to know each and do some due diligence.