Interesting STNE option activity

Which post is it this time? A recent one or one from months ago?

this one right above (i think t212 staff now removed the flag?) but it is often, like I said, just random posts that are not really “offensive” etc.

what an odd choice, they flagged a post in which the person you mentioned actually liked back :man_facepalming: I think humour might have finally died :sweat: sarcasm definitely doesn’t work, whether its good natured or not, such a shame.

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I wonder if it’s the :clown_face: - often used to ridicule others so perhaps it’s an auto trigger, or the word broke…

I really like the look of this company and especially at these valuations. May take a starter position here towards the end of the day

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It seems good valuation…

However if the rest of the market tumbles, this one will crater even further.

Single digits can also be realistic. :thinking:

I bought a tiny starter position will see how things pan out over the next few months in terms of building it up

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How annoyed will you be if you have to average up :rofl:

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I think STNE by the look of this has the biggest red of the year?

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why is BILI not there as big as if not bigger than BABA? :slight_smile: