Tesla to $400? Plus SPCE WTF?

Unfortunately I only had fractional shares of Tesla which meant I had to sell them I ended up buying back in at $415 not good😖as it looks like Tesla might actually reach 400 or lower by the end of tomorrow…

Thank goodness for dollar cost average

Also SPCE WTF. Enough said…

I am long but I’m down almost 11.90%:unamused: with 25 shares

1 green day would be good sir Richard Branson

individual stocks go up and down, it’s hardly a WTF moment and just normal market movement.

stock price movements are random so don’t sweat trying to predict them and the best strategy is to hold for the long term and relax. If you can’t relax then you are over invested or investing beyond your risk level.

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Nah just been watching the continued side movement I know in all good time it will pay off handsomely :grin:

I’m not expecting any positives with SPCE until around Q1 2021. That is when Branson’s flight should take place. But it may take even longer in the worst case scenario - sending humans into space is not an easy business.

I am actually up on SPCE based on current price but I’m down due to exchange rate fluctuations.
It is very much a long term play so cost average. Plant them seeds and watch it grow.

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The exchange rate in some circumstances is horrible lol