My 2019/2020 TTWROR monthly

anyone wants to guess the future looking at these months? :slight_smile:
is November done?


and my best performers ordered by TTWROR


and worst:


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You been with STNE since IPO?

Also, do you have previous years info as well? Perhaps back to the last election year?

even better, 7-8 weeks after the IPO where price bottomed, got lucky following Warren Buffett :stuck_out_tongue:

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unfortunately no, I was using excel before October 2018 :frowning:

Nice. I only started this year so not seeing those handsome gains unfortunately. 28% so far but unlike your largest position, it is a much smaller slice of my folio, 2.5%.

I don’t think you’ll regret it.

STNE has more offerings than Adyen in EU or SQ in US (I also have those as well) but the kicker is they have much more room for growth in South America, with little to no competition.

they are at a 55 P/E at the moment, and yes expensive, but you know where those P/Es are for other “growth” stocks.

In one of the news I read on yahoo newsfeed some analysts put them on 4.71$ earning per share in 2021 (I have not researched this value yet, it seems very very high)

if that earning is realised on todays price it’ll bring stoneco to a 12.73 P/E ratio on todays price, and looking at the growth and potential in brazil + south america it won’t stay at those ratios :slight_smile:

a quite modest 35 P/E should forecast 2021 price at 165$ and I don’t even remotely think the growth stops there :slight_smile:


Yes it’s a real patience tester but the opportunity for growth in SA is what drew me to it initally.

Slight threat in that some NA peers are exploring the region, can’t help but think they’ll always be chasing. Despite being ‘landlocked’ to their own geographic, the brand is strong.

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Surprised to see PFE and ARE as some of your worst performing, they are usually fairly decent.

bad buying points I guess :slight_smile:

but today is going to be a weird one.
CPG is up 27% pfizer up 12% pre market

@Joey_Fantana Are you happier with your STNE gains now? :slight_smile:

I posted this a while ago so proud of the consistent trendline over almost two years

Now the trendline looks like it shifted into another gear. I am not sure if I like this or not :thinking:

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