Interesting STNE option activity

I swear these options over $100 strikes was not there a couple of minutes ago. They are freshly written and some people are buying the $125 strikes for April 16 2021 options. highly intensifies FOMO inside me :frowning:

For stoneCo? ???..??.?

yes in 20 characters

full screenshot

Im not quite familiar with option trading, what does the new calls indicate?

well, if the market deems there is 0 chance the price will go there, there won’t be any options written for those prices.

In a factual manner those being written means nothing actually. But people are buying them which means they are paying money now for a right to buy STNE shares for $125 at or before Apr 16th 2021.

This is highly speculative but gets my hopes high :wink:

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Sweet, been long in Stne since around 50~ish

Been a sweet ride so far

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same I hold a good chunk since December 2018

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@kali, I know this is oldie, but I wonder , are you loading up the truck at this levels?

I just started researching STNE this week and I’m delighted it took me so long. I no doubt would have bought in at a far far higher price. Ignorance has been bliss.


I think you’re onto a winner here myself. The Monzo of Brazil - but profitable!


Will you share your research?

For the first time in a decade my portfolio is running lower than SNP :smiley: it is mainly due to StoneCo dipping from 94$ current 35$ I have no doubt it’ll recover tho.

If you’ve been reading about it this price crash is a response to perfect storm of external headwinds including political situation in Brazil, the character and the growth of the company is still premium quality.

One example: Revenue dropped 8% in last earnings, this is though mainly due to “credit business frozen intentionally until legislators fix what they f’ed up”

Despite that the payment business was up 68% year on year. on the same earnings report.

So it is the same company. Despite being a “growth company” still profiting, and posting great growth numbers year after year.

I bought “a little bit” in low 40s but I should not buy any more, because I am so very much heavy on this stock already. I’ll probably need to offload some after the inevitable recovery. (I have over 1000 shares now)

It is actually a lot more than Monzo/Revolut etc. They provide many other things related to payments, including but not limited to SaaS architecture and even those small “pay thingies” you see in market stalls.

South America is still a massively cash based economy, and there are quite a few companies trying to exploit this, including stoneco. StoneCo has one big advantage tho, people who use it actually love it. And after they introduced their initial accounts/tools there was a cascading shock in the banking system in brazil. Banks then had to cut/remove their fees as a response to StoneCo, so in a sense it is also a symbol of “giving the finger to the banks”


Keep in mind my entry point is even lower than Warren Buffet (noob!) so I am still into big profit numbers, and have wiggle room.

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I actually took a huge position on this today, around 5 whole shares!

Price to book on a company of this nature is crazy.


Out of interest how many shares have you got in your ‘next Stoneco’ move? $rklb :sunglasses:

I’ve said RKLB can be another STNE for me, but that was purely because of the opportunity cost.

These two companies has nothing similar, obviously not only in the verticals they belong but also in their financial situation and governance.

STNE already has an established business model, (although branching into new ones) and consistently generating profits. RKLB is consistently loosing money and no one actually expects them to be profitable soon. The future prospects of RKLB runs on a lot of “ifs” Some of these major ifs are the successful and timely completion of neutron rocket and readiness for constellation launches. Recently won US Space Force contract will help on that but by no means the company is in safe waters.

I have a feeling I’ve written this somewhere else on this forum, but if RKLB does a 200x or 500x (I hope it’s obvious I am making up large random numbers) I would not be surprised. The market is big enough (and will be a LOT bigger in a few years) to support meteoric growth rates, it’ll all depend on the execution and success of RKLB.

I did some selling with RKLB when it shot over 20$ and bought some back in mid 14s. I got slightly over 800 shares (it’s in my sipp so can’t remember) but I got a very low average price (something like $7.3) thanks to lucky sell/rebuy points.

Sit tight! I have no doubts it’ll start peaking again but gotto give some time for Brazil to clear the political scene a little bit (and handle their own Trump)

edit: I know the coverage is still very low but promising:

ugh one last spam… someone else is also buying STNE for those arkinvest fans

I knew what you meant when you compared the two - don’t worry! I was just intrigued on your current view and position, so thanks for the update.

If you’ve looked into the following I’d also appreciate your thoughts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: