Introduce free funds as a Pie autoinvest payment method

A few days ago, we all recieved an email telling us that deposits made via credit/debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Skrill will include a 0.7% fee over €2,000. But, bank transfers will remain a free method to deposit funds with no cap.

Consequently, one can currently deposit into their Trading212 Account “Free Funds” via bank transfer and then manually deposit those funds into a Pie, yet, “Free Funds” are not one of the current payment methods accepted by the Pie Autoinvest feature (only Apple Pay and credit/debit cards, which are subject to the 0.7% fee).

Given the above situation, my suggestion is that Account “Free Funds” be added as a payment method for Pie Autoinvest. This way, users could setup an automatic bank transfer with their bank and then set an Autoinvest to fund their Pie a few days later, avoiding the 0.7% fee.

Untill “Free Funds” are added as a payment method, I will have to setup a monthly bank transfer from my bank and then manually make deposits into my pies.


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