Auto deposit (not card)


Is it possible to set up recurring monthly deposits but without using card payment?

That’s possible, @MercianRaider - you can find all of the details on how to set up the feature in this topic from our Community.

To sum it up, there are two main steps:

  1. If you are creating a new Pie, just select ‘Free funds’ as the payment method during the funding setup. If you already have a Pie, you can change its payment method from the AutoInvest tab. This way, the Pie will start using your unused account cash as per the deposit schedule you’ve previously set.

  2. Once you set up the Pie to use your free funds, schedule a recurring bank transfer (standing order) using your online banking app. The execution date should be 2 to 3 days before your Pie’s investment date, so there’s enough time for your money to arrive before the next AutoInvest.

Thanks. All sorted


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You’re most welcome :raised_hands: