The 212 card is now available to all UK residents!

Featuring revolutionary low exchange rates.

:white_check_mark: Exchange with only 0.15% FX fee. No rate markup. No weekend fees.
:white_check_mark: Earn 5.2% on your pounds. Paid daily. Withdraw anytime.
:white_check_mark: 0.5% cashback. Get up to £20 per month back on your spending.
:white_check_mark: Earn high interest on 13 currencies.
:white_check_mark: Our card is free - no sneaky fees or subscription plans.

Get yours now:

The 212 Card is launching for UK residents only. Stay tuned for the launch in Europe.


Thanks !
For Europeans, when do yo think we’ll be able to put us on the list to receive a card ?


We plan to start sending invites to our EU customers at the end of spring. I’ll let you know once the waitlist is open :fist_right: :fist_left:


This looks great. T212 just keep on delivering!



Please come to Germany!!! :de:

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The card is supposed to be free, but it says £4.95 to get one?

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Virtual cards are free. However, there is a one-time fee to cover our shipment and production costs for the physical cards.

“one time” as in the fee no longer applies when the card needs replacement (because of expiry or loss/damage)?

Correct, clients won’t be charged for reissuing a new card in these cases.

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Do we have the ability to cancel the card if it gets lost?

Yes, you just pick a card, go to the card settings and then press freeze. :cold_face:

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Interesting occurrence. I have a virtual card and just ordered a physical card.

The last 4 digits are different for each card, surely they should be the same. otherwise when I go to use either one, they won’t call for funds correctly?

Any help with this?

Thank you.

You can pause / refresh your virtual card. They’re two different things.

Do you get 5.2 pc interest on the card account

Yep, but it’s outside the ISA wrapper if you’re in the UK, so will be taxed when it hits your individual threshold.

If you want to earn interest and pay no tax. Leave the spare cash in your ISA, then when you need to use your card, transfer the money across to your invest account. Use the card, earn the cash back. But make sure you then transfer any unused funds back to the isa to then earn interest tax free.

Of course all of this is irrelevant if you don’t have an ISA or won’t hit your personal threshold.

Great shout thanks. I don’t think I’ll use this cashback card. But great that they added it

I wouldn’t do this at the current time as the T212 ISA isn’t flexible so you would be losing part of your annual ISA allowance.

Though, T212 have said they will make their ISA flexible in future.


Yep, good point.

Ok, so, let’s pretend I added this to my OP.

Don’t forget, until trading212 start up the flexible ISAs in May, anything you put in the ISA will count towards your allowance. If you never hit your 20k limit, this is still a good way of avoided tax on interest.

If you are reading this after Trading212 has launched the flex ISA, please pretend I didn’t type the last bit. lol

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Took me a minute to see you put OP not Only Fans :rofl:

But on topic, just because the 212 ISA is not flexible, doesn’t mean you cant use it that way. It’s a bit more awkward but as long as you track yourself, and dont withdraw more than 20k it should work, although clunky. You could deposit elsewhere, then inspecie back to 212.

To avoid this mess, I wonder if 212 would backdate the ‘flexible’ check to the start of the tax year?