💳 Introducing the 212 Card

We revolutionised investing. Now it’s time for the cards.

Join the waitlist now.

:white_check_mark: Earn 5% on your pounds. Paid daily. Withdraw anytime.

:white_check_mark: 0.5% cashback. Get up to £20 per month back on your spending

:white_check_mark: Exchange with only 0.15% FX fee. No rate markup. No weekend fees.

:white_check_mark: Earn high interest on 13 currencies.

:white_check_mark: Our card is free - no sneaky fees or subscription plans.

The 212 Card is launching for UK residents only. Stay tuned for the launch in Europe.


I am waiting for Germany :de::wave:

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Will joint accounts be available?

And will we be able to segregate our funds into different pots like with Monzo? I think sticking with the pie theme for this would be a good move :pie:

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Signed up, this is exciting! At this rate Trading212 is going to have all my business xD

I am also curious about joint accounts.


Really interesting, and competitive. It looks like it is a Mastercard too which should make it acceptable at most retailers.
I had my fingers crossed that a Junior ISA would be your next big move…. But I am sure it is next on your list :wink:

Sounds really great. I assume the card can hold multiple currencies, like Revolut or Wise cards.

I have now seen that a list of 13 currencies covered (So not TRY. I had asked “For which currencies will fx be at 0.15%? For example, can I spend from a GBP balance when on holiday in Turkey and pay only 0.15% above mid-market rate for TRYGBP? How will that work at weekends, when fx market is not open?” )

I have found that at the link more is explained, including comparisons with Revolut, Wise and Mastercard. Interest is paid at different rates on different currencies.

Will it be possible to pay in both GBP, EUR and USD? My Trading 212 base currency is GBP, but I have USD and EUR balances with Revolut and elsewhere that I would like to be able to pay into a Trading 212 USD and EUR balances.

On the website it states that it’s free on weekends

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Great news! Congrats T212! :confetti_ball: :tada:

This will break Revolut and crushing all competition! :smiley:

With this, Broker meets Payments, after Multi-Currencies and Interest Income!

  • T212 have new financial licenses to be an EMI or a bank?

  • If not, who are your partners on the card? For what I saw so far:
    → Card network: Mastercard
    → Bank(s) UK platform: ???
    → Bank(s) EU platform: ???

  • We will have individual IBANs or will continue to be omnibus accounts?

  • The card will be linked to our different currency accounts in Invest account?

  • Suggestion: A separate “current account” separated from the “Invest account” would be preferred, so we can have money to invest and money to spend, as we could spend cash for invest than we wish for.

  • The EU residents that are on the T212 UK platform will added now in this “UK phase” or on following “EU phase”?


This is fantastic! Shame its not 1% and no exchange fees as id leave chase for this! Looking forward to it though. Trading212 will have my business for nearly everything soon!


I keep asking when T212 are planning to float so we can also invest in the company…your best investors are your customers if get my drift :wink:


When will be the T212 launch party?



This is an exciting development. I’m not sure it will yet be a Revolut killer.

  • Only 13 currencies are supported. (I needs Turkey). Can the card only be used for payments in those 13 currencies? Can I use the card to make payments in Turkish Lira from a GBP balance and pay just 0.15% above mid-market rate?
  • No payments or transfers to third parties, only to your own external accounts.
  • Deposits are to Trading 212 account using a reference number and name on the sending account to direct where the money goes. (Revolut gives you your own personal IBAN or bank details). So can’t accept deposits or payments from third parties.


  • close to Revolut exchange rate, and better at weekend.
  • better than Revolut interest rate on deposits.
  • 0.5% cashback, up to £20 per month
  • convenience of integration with investment portfolio.

It will be interesting to see what card management tools are provided.

  • freezing/replacing card from within Trading 212 app?
  • add card to Google Pay, Apple Pay?

The card will be available to our EU clients this spring.

Joint accounts are not planned as of now. Fund segregation into different pots is coming this year.

Yes, the card is linked and available with our supported currencies. Also, we can accept and process all currencies supported by Mastercard.

There won’t be any extra fees during weekends. We always use the true inter-bank rate. The 0.15% is the only FX charged.

We are licensed to offer financial products through our partnership with Paynetics UK.

We use Paynetics as BIN sponsor to support the card issuing, both for UK and EU. We plan to add individual accounts this year.

It will be available once we launch it in Europe.

You will be able to link your card to Google Play or Apple Pay wallets (soon available) for even easier use.

Yes, that will be possible.


Sounds like a great product, with a lot of enticing perks. Kudos to T212, waiting for EU product version. :clap:


Thanks for providing all that extra information.

I do lots of spending in Turkey, paying restaurant bills, etc, in TRY. The Revolut rate is about 0.45% above mid-market. Mastercard and Wise rates are even worse. Will you really do 0.15%? Or will spending be at Mastercard rate, when not one of the 13 supported currencies?


Our rate is always 0.15%. So, if you have a balance in EUR and spend in TRY, we will exchange the EUR to TRY at the true interbank rate and only add 0.15%.


That is amazing. I can see myself using this card for all my travel abroad.

How soon in March?


So does the mean that the EUR card will be available to subscribe in March?

@Richard.W, if you’ve joined the waitlist, we’ll send an email with more details :incoming_envelope:

@John07, we’ll first introduce the card to our UK customers, afterwards it will be available to our EU clients.

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