💰 Introducing daily interest on cash!

What you get:

:white_check_mark: 1.6% variablе interest rate

:date: Daily interest payments: Watch your money compound daily

:person_in_lotus_position: No additional effort required: Continue investing as usual while your cash balance earns interest automatically

When investing, your capital is at risk


Visit our FAQ page to learn more :point_down:

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@B.E Does interest earned because of pie uninvested cash go into the pie or into the free funds?

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holy sh**, you guys just changed the game!!


The interest accumulated based on the pie’s cash will get allocated to the account’s free funds.

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Am happy as a T212 customer but pissed off as an investor who bought HL shares, witness loss of market share. Can wait for T212 to float on the exchange


actually, thinking about it, it would be the next step in evolution for this feature to be able to allocate the payments into the respective pies. it will then truly mean we replicate ETFs/funds where the unallocated cash in those funds keeps earning interest.

can this be taken on as feedback and a request for a new feature please? :slight_smile:

Thank you for this regardless. i hear pennies falling already as it appears you guys have started paying out since last night :smiley:

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Any minimum or maximum sums? What if someone deposits £500m?

I mean if you had 500m, I’m sure you’d have better places to deposit that money and make returns than a 1.6% interest rate. :joy:


There is no minimum or maximum amount. However, when it comes to the payments, we will only pay the interest if the amount is greater than or equal to one penny.

If the interest is less than that, we will retain it and roll it forward until a penny is accumulated and then pay it out.


@Momchil.G Brilliant!
@777GE90 I was just an example. :money_mouth_face:

Trading 212 continues to amaze me! Thank you guys and well done!


I see, and the variable 1,25% interest rate is calculated on a yearly bases but paid out daily correct? Can’t be around 1% on capital per day, would be insane

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Cool, love this, thanks guys :sunglasses::+1:


I agree with @H2T2 that it would be great if the payments went into the corresponding pie, as a future improvement.

That’s an interesting suggestion, @H2T2. :v: I will forward it for further review!

Yes, that is correct, @JustLookingThx. The interest is calculated by multiplying your end-of-day uninvested cash balance by the current annual interest rate (APY) and then dividing it by 365.

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Practically this means you will be getting more than 1.25% after one year because of daily compounding.


First of all, thanks a lot! Daily compound payout seems amazing.

Now, I’m a European user whose account is still with Trading 212 UK.

I see UK tax is withheld from the interest, but it is shown in euros (at least in the web app). If I want or have to file for UK tax refund, the forms expect all numbers to be in sterling (and the refund itself seems to be only available as a sterling cheque). How can I find out what values to use?

The 1.6% interest rate is only for GBP-denominated accounts?

And the other currencies interest rates are the below ones?


If I can suggest anything, the following will be a plus:

  • Can we have the details of the “Interest on cash”, made copy-able in the web app (in “History” and/or “Earn interest on cash” options from the drop-down menu)?

  • Can we have the ability to download an Excel file with all the details for the “Interest on cash” program:
    → Date of payment
    → Interest on cash (gross)
    → Withholding tax
    → Interest on cash (net)

  • When the “Interest on shares” program go live, can we have also the above suggestions?

Thank you in advance!


Odd question, but, is there any way to disable this feature? :sweat_smile: