2023 in review: Everything we delivered! 🎁

:wave: As we approach the end of the year, it feels like the perfect time to chat about all the updates and features we rolled out during 2023. It was a year filled with exciting new developments, greatly influenced by the feedback we received from the Community.

So, before we dive into this, we wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your support throughout this year! :blue_heart:

Here’s a view of what’s new:

Market access

  • :clock3: Extended Market Hours Prices - We enabled price tracking for all US stocks outside regular trading hours.
  • :last_quarter_moon: Extended hours trading - and later introduced Extended Hours Trading with fractional shares for all US stocks, making us the first European broker to do so.
  • :maple_leaf: Toronto Stock Exchange - We added one of the biggest venues in North America and provided access to even more investment opportunities.
  • :briefcase: New Instruments - We expanded our instrument universe with 3000+ new additions across all account types.
  • :ballot_box: Automated Proxy voting - We upscaled our internal systems to provide maximum coverage for shareholder votes on US and European companies.

Account management

  • :currency_exchange: Multicurrency accounts - You asked, and we delivered! We introduced Multicurrency accounts, allowing you to manage different currencies in one account to save on FX exchange costs.
  • :dollar: Interest on uninvested cash - The uninvested cash in your account can earn interest daily, allowing you to take advantage of the power of compound interest.
  • :handshake: Share lending interest - We now split the interest for lent shares with you.
  • :moneybag: ISA Cashback Campaign - All clients who joined between 16.03 and 30.04 enjoy a 1% cashback on all deposits throughout the tax year
  • :bar_chart: Activity Statements - Timely and detailed statements on all account types became easily accessible.
  • :page_facing_up: Annual Statements export - You can generate and export annual tax statements directly from the app, with improvements in document readability and user-friendliness.

App functionalities

  • :robot: AI Chat assistance - Our AI chatbot joined forces with our human team to bring you even better support.
  • :iphone::straight_ruler: Tablet apps - All of your favourite features can now be accessed on larger screens - we reached complete feature parity between iOS/iPadOS/Android (Phone, Tablet & Foldable).
  • :heavy_division_sign: Fractional pending orders - Fractional quantities for all pending order types - limit, stop, stop limit - in both Invest & ISA accounts were enabled.
  • :bell: Price alerts overhaul - Now featuring volatility alerts that trigger with a 10% movement in your new positions. These can be toggled on or off and modified as needed.
  • :star: Dynamic instrument lists - Dynamic instrument lists were added to the Search tab, allowing the creation, pinning, and customisation of watchlists on the Home screen.
  • :zap: Faster dividend payments - Optimised processes behind the scenes resulted in faster dividend payments.

Growth & knowledge

  • :earth_africa: New regions - Our services became available in more countries around the globe: :peru: :bolivia: :ecuador: :colombia: :honduras: :thailand: :mexico: :philippines: :united_arab_emirates: :bahrain: :kuwait: :oman: :qatar: :serbia: :macedonia: :moldova: :zambia: :uganda: :tanzania: :ghana: :angola: :el_salvador: :antigua_barbuda: :bahamas: :barbados: :curacao: :jamaica: :maldives: :new_caledonia: :trinidad_tobago:
  • :books: Learn page - We expanded the learning hub with more than 50 articles aimed at helping novice traders gain the knowledge and confidence they need to navigate the investing realm.

…and lots more tweaks and enhancements you might not see but will definitely feel.

We’re not stopping here! More exciting features are in the works to ensure an even better service going into 2024.

When investing your capital is at risk. ISA accounts are only available for clients registered through Trading 212 UK Ltd. 81% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


Congrats on all these updates and new features! I’m thrilled to see this development and plans for the future.
Happy New Year to everybody!


I must admit you surprised me in 2023 with all the great updates.

Great job. :+1: :heart:


Interesting to see the updates, it makes it much clearer to see this year’s improvements. It’s quite easy to lose perspective of the achievements in a given year :smiley: .


Don’t forget the API’s :smiley:


What a Fire year for the 212 team - Thanks for all the updates!


Guys, I can’t deny you exceeded my expectations this year. Some of the freatures like Multi-Currency accounts - I didn’t event dare to request because I thought it’s impossible.
But you know us - there’s always a few more things that I’d love to see.
(me personally - SIPP, iOS widget, portfolio transfers).

Happy holidays everyone! Keep it going! :rocket:


Wait… what??


Multi currency accounts is a big win.

I was at the point of prefering IB as my main account, but multi currency on T212 put them back in the lead.

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Very nice list of features guys ! well done ! much appreciated !

Must say that is impressive, the only thing i have an ick with is the limited shares were allowed to buy in particular stocks i would all those restrictions are lifted. Some stocks have a huge amount volume some days and it limits users to take advantage of a day where volume is 5x than normal.

The maximum trading quantities are subject to change. If there are specific instruments for which you’d like the limits raised, please let me know, and I’ll check if we can make it happen.

You can use this topic for such requests.


Thanks, its just on the days really when there is a spike in volume on some stocks that id want to get into but limited as to how much i can buy even though I know there is enough liquidity for that day. I dont have any specific in stock in mind right now though.

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@KrisG @Team212

I know I’ve said this before and I sound like a broken record

BUT… I’d love to “see through” my ETF holdings.

I own so many that I’d love to actually see (even with a degree of error) approximately how much X Y and Z actually stock I own since so many ETFs overlap with so many others.

If I could see across 3 ETFs I actually own 20 shares of Tesla and 5 shares of Apple and so on and so on that would be game changing

InvestEngine do it to a point but don’t go that step farther and overlay the stock positions over my entire portfolio… killer feature… and would be the only platform (I know of) that would offer it

Super insightful, super useful, super unique

Do it.

Go on!


Yes, it would be a very interesting feature. It’s similar to a Morningstar tool, the “Instant X-Ray”.

A Morningstar integration could be a plus for T212.

Portfolio management tools are an area that most (or all) financial intermediaries lack. With description of all the:
→ Asset classes - In % and value

→ Geographic exposure (regions, countries) - In % and value



Currencies exposure (USD, EUR, GBP, etc) - In % and value

Industries/sectors (GICS) - In % and value

instruments types (types of: stocks, ETFs, ETCs, ETNs, debt) - In % and value



Performance data (returns, volatility, sharpe/sortino/information ratios, tracking error, etc)
Examples in Performance - Returns

Examples in Risk and Rating

Graphs tools with comparison benchmarks (e.g. MSCI World Total Return (TR) in USD or EUR or GBP, S&P 500 TR in USD or EUR or GBP, Euro STOXX TR in USD or EUR or GBP, bonds indexes and mixed asset indexes TR in several currencies)

An overall Morningstar Portfolio example:

An dedicated dashboard in T212 desktop/web platform would be preferable, accessible in the T212 left panel:

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Absolutely. I’ve used xray and it is pretty good.

My thinking was sectors, country exposure etc could/should be v2.0

v1.0 should/could just be stock exposure.

I’d just like an easier way for me to know my exposure … currently I kinda make it up in my head based off some Top 10 data I can see

Come on @Team212 @Bogi.H this would be a killer feature!!!

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@KrisG Awesome, thanks for all your hard work!

Can’t wait to see what the Trading 212 team bring to 2024.


The only one I’ve used is cash interest but the list is impressive nonetheless

Agreed, love 212 to bits.

But I have to say the maximum quantities thing doesn’t sit right with me.

Of course I still love 212 and use my 212 ACC every week, but despite the all explanations, I can’t say it sits well with me.

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