Introducing Fractions on Limit, Stop and Stop Limit Orders

"Fractions on Limit, Stop and Stop Limit orders are now here!

Invest in your favourite companies using limit and stop orders regardless of the value of your trade".

Well-done and thank you @Team212, @Tony.V


Yay! :+1:

Well done guys.



How do it works? I can only buy whole shares with a limit order.

A fractional order can be placed by selecting the value you want to buy or by manually entering the portion of the share you wish to order. When placing a pending order for fractional shares, you will only be able to set it by the number of shares. More information can be found here.

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What I’m missing is a dropdown in the Limit tab to select a value in currency.

But here’s a tip for if you have a specific amount of money that you want to spend, but still use limit orders:

  • In “Market buy” set the dropdown to “Value” and enter how much you’re willing to spent
  • Switch to “Limit” tab and it will use the fractional shares already pre-calculated

Of course if your order stays open for quite a while, the number of shares and what you were willing to spent might stray away from each other.