Limit Order on Invest Account Fractional Shares


I know you have Limit Buy/Sell Order in Invest account, but only on whole shares. I hope you will allow it on Fractional Shares as well.

Thank you.


Yes, this is super urgent and should be considered a basic functionality in my opinion.


Right. It won’t be so hard to do the code change to implement it since they are already allowing it on whole shares. EToro allows it too on fractional shares. If T212 has this functionality, they will attract more investors.

Well maybe if you were at least willing to spend 30sec to do a search for topic:

Original idea has only 3 up votes, it was raised back in January, if more folks searched and upvoted maybe it would create more visibility for t212 to put priority.

Geez! Calm down. :rofl:

I just joined yesterday just to post this. After that, I saw a poll for most requested features and I placed my vote there. You don’t expect me to search for all posts about this for the past 7 months just to find your exact post, right?

If you are really “concerned” about this missing feature and we both want the same thing, then I’ll ask you the same: Why don’t you just upvote this post instead?

Also, I won’t agree on calling your post “original idea” since it’s already existing in lots of brokers, such as EToro.

If you did search term "fractional share limit order "

You get back few results on top. If you gone through the create account process just to raise this request, I presume doing one small search isn’t an issue.

Most topics are already discussed, we ain’t inventing wheel. Don’t care about eToro.

Uh yes we are.
With the huge user base of T212 and history it is unlikely that you are the first person to think of “an obviously important” feature.
When people post the same requests over and over it clutters the forum and adds no value.

I already checked search after I posted. But why will I delete this post even though there are same posts like this? It’s not like every week, there’s a post with same topic. It’s my post, my choice. If you don’t like it, please just ignore. And I already voted in a poll about most requested feature.

Please feel free to block me if there’s a block function here so you won’t see any post from me in the future. I initially emailed T212 but they said to post in the community and gave me this link. So that’s what I did first when I signed-up. If you don’t want clutter, then please stop replying here so it won’t get any longer.