Introducing Linked Pies

Introducing Linked Pies.

Whenever you copy another user’s pie, your copy will now become linked to the original. Your pie being linked means that you’ll receive a notification as soon as the owner of the original pie makes a change to their pie’s slices.

This notification will appear alongside the rest of your social notifications. To view these, go to the Social tab and tap the ‘bell’ icon in the top right corner. A pie update notification looks something like this:

Tapping the notification will display an overview of both your pie and the original, and you’ll have the option to review the update.

If you select View update, you’ll be presented with a screen detailing the current state of the original pie’s slices. Here you may preview the changes made by the owner. It is up to you to apply them to your pie, alongside any additional modifications you might want. Of course, you could also simply ignore the update if you’re not happy with it.

Going back to the overview, you may tap on ‘Options’ to enable/disable notifications or permanently unlink your pie from the original.

The overview dialog is also accessible from the Holdings section of your pie. Even if you’ve temporarily disabled notifications, you may check there for new updates, at any time.
Go to the Portfolio tab, select your pie, then tap on Holdings in the top part of the screen.

That’s pretty much it!

In a future update, we’ll display more comprehensive information about what type of changes the owner made, e.g. which slices were added, which were removed, which remained but had their allocation changed, etc.

Q: I already have a copied pie. Do I need to copy again in order to have a link to the original?
A: We’ve done our best to automatically link already copied pies. If your copy was made from the start of February onwards, it should be automatically linked. To check if a link exists, simply go to the Holdings section of your pie. If you see a ‘Linked to’ tile in the top part of the screen, everything is working fine and you should receive a notification the next time the owner updates their pie. Otherwise, you will, unfortunately, need to recopy the original pie.

Q: What is the difference between ‘unlinking’ and simply disabling update notifications?
A: The former is a permanent action, while the latter is a temporary, reversible one.

Q: Can I share a pie I’ve copied and is it possible for another user to then copy my copy?
A: Yes! This ‘link chaining’ may happen an infinite number of times. Additionally, the fact that your shared pie is linked to another will be visible to anyone who views your shared pie (e.g. from the Library or a link). They may then view the original pie, which might be linked to a totally different pie itself, etc. We feel visualising this information publicly is fair to the community.

Q: What happens if the original pie’s owner stops sharing, or deletes their pie?
A: You will no longer receive notifications and if you open the overview dialog from the Holdings section of your pie, you will have the option to unlink.

P.S. We’ve just released this update, so if you’re not seeing it in the App/Play stores, check back later!


Not sure what to add but an excellent update :partying_face:

Quick Dad joke I guess…

A slice of AAPL pie is $2.50 in Jamaica and $3 in the Bahamas

These are the pie rates of the Caribbean


Great update. Well Done.

@ admins, lifetime ban for this imo


This feature has been asked for a lot and staff mentioned it was under development quite a while ago, so I doubt this is what they are referring to


I guess their (new) focus is now on Social Trading, to become more like eToro. Revolut is also on the same route, and they publicly mentioned it.

So we can forget about other features for the time being, as their focus shifts.


Fun fact… used to have 6 (actives) pies, now I have just 2… it’s getting less and less relevant over time.


They were working on giving people the option to keep the pie in sync ages ago. And it’s done, appears to be implemented nicely.

They only announced FX fees nine days ago.

Just how many new things are you expecting to be announced in that time? I’m amazed we have this tbh.


Why so negative bro? I mean, clearly such tool cannot be developed for 1 week or so… they probably had it planned for some time ago. Besides, we haven’t started paying that fx, so we cannot go out with our expectations and seek justification how our money is spend, imo

Cool feature, tho


@BellaCiao Well… 3 months ago when they added the fee for credit card transactions they said that some features have been moved to high priority (autoinvesting with free funds, SEPA direct debit). A lot of people where impacted by that change and they promised to help ASAP. While it was ok to delay those for performance optimizations, developing social features like this instead of stuff that really matters is a slap to the guys affected.


They won’t literally work on one aspect at a time though. You’ll have multiple developers tackling different projects with different skillsets.

So whilst one dev(s) was finishing off the linked pie other things would have been in development that matter more to you.

Pre-market and after hours hopefully being one of those coming next.

The linked pie request is ages old from 2020 so it’s good to see that finished. The ability to keep pies in sync with the original is a decent feature.

There’s a difference with the credit card fee and FX fee too. The credit card fee is passing on costs as they were taking that hit for free. The FX fee I think has been created out of thin air based on some people suggesting that IB doesn’t charge them.

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now, if only someone looked at my pies :roll_eyes: :smirk:

Phil’s answer is spot on!

Please, let’s stay on the subject of the topic.


One of many exciting features to come!!

Not sure if i want to lock up my retirement funds with T212, anyone else??

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@George @Wit

Haters gonna hate, just keep on the good work guys.

We may be less vocal, but people who appreciate your services and efforts are there, too!

Theses forums are getting so toxic nowadays :roll_eyes:


nice feature very useful for all the ETF replicators!


Absolutely fantastic, great job!
Unfortunately one of my pies was not linked, since I copied it back in December. Can any of you guys share a best practice on how to link the pie?
The only thing I can think of is to

  1. export all investments from my current pie
  2. copy the original pie again in a new linked pie
  3. import all of the exported investments in the new pie

This gets heavy when the pie has tens of different stocks in it and when I have invested in the same stocks manually too. Any input would be appreciated, thanks!

If your pie is missing its link (was copied a while ago), PM me with your Trading 212 account e-mail, the name of your pie, and a URL to the pie you copied. We’ll add the link manually so you don’t have to go through all the hoops.

@VicVega, or anyone else, feel free to PM me.


Care to share a link so we can know what to avoid :crazy_face:

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