Clarification and Issue Report: Inability to Accept Changes in Copytraded Investment Pies

Hello Trading212 Community,

I’m reaching out to share and seek advice on a specific issue encountered with the copytrading feature related to investment pies. According to the official documentation provided by Trading212, users following an original investment pie should be able to:

1.	Receive a notification via “View Update” when the pie owner makes changes.
2.	Preview these changes, including any modifications to the pie’s slices.
3.	Decide whether to apply these changes to their copied pie or ignore them if the changes are not to their satisfaction.

This feature is critical as it ensures followers are always in sync with the strategies they choose to follow, granting them the autonomy to accept or decline updates based on their investment preferences.

However, the reality appears to diverge from the documented functionality. Two friends currently copying my investment pie have highlighted that:

•	They did not receive any notification of the changes made to the pie.
•	Upon selecting “View Update,” they were only shown their current investment allocations without any visible options to accept or decline the changes I had implemented. They could see the original pie configuration but no updates or changes, essentially rendering the feature non-functional.

This discrepancy not only causes confusion but also limits followers’ ability to adapt their investment strategy in line with the original pie’s evolution, potentially impacting their investment outcomes.

Given these observations, I have a couple of questions for the community and the Trading212 team:

1.	Is this a known issue, and are there any steps being taken to address it?
2.	Can anyone share if they’ve encountered similar challenges and found any workarounds?

The objective of this post is not only to seek solutions but also to urge the Trading212 team to investigate this inconsistency between their user guide and the actual application behavior. Ensuring the platform’s features work as intended is crucial for maintaining trust and delivering the best user experience.

Thank you for your time and assistance. Any insights or suggestions from the community would be greatly appreciated.

Warm regards,

We’re sending notifications whenever a Pie is updated. Then, the copier should review and either apply or ignore the update.

Could you ask your friends to contact us via the in-app chat so we can check the situation further?

Well. I will, but as far as I can see they can’t see the update