Introducing Privacy mode - now available on Web

You can now monitor your account wherever you are while keeping sensitive data protected at the same time.

Privacy mode can be enabled from account settings → trading preferences. Аll you need to do is toggle the key to the right and all of the sensitive data in your account, like your email or balance, will be blurred out.

In case you want to view those details again, you can easily unveil them by hovering over the section with your cursor. Once you remove the cursor, they’ll be automatically blurred out again within seconds.


Much appreciate it! This is a very useful feature that I requested time ago. Thanks!


Looking good. Just a minor thing about the number of shares though - in the list this isn’t blurred, but in the instrument details it is. For consistency, blurring the number of shares in the list as well would be great IMO.


vs the instruemnt details

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Also, I guess I’ll ask the inevitable question :slight_smile: Will a similar update to the mobile apps follow soon?


That’s a nice catch, @BenP - I’ve passed your feedback along and will keep you posted on the developments.

For the time being, the feature will only be available for the web platform. Nonetheless, we’ll consider adding it to the mobile app as well, further on down the line.


You asked and we delivered :v:

Having privacy mode enabled will now also blur the number of shares held displayed in the list.




Here there is a little suggestion, make it optional permanent visibility of some fields, in this example I made it visible the result % field (but obviously it is hidden again after a couple of seconds at the moment):

Kind regards

Another small point I’ve just noticed. The y axis on the portfolio return graph isn’t blurred

Screenshot 2021-12-30 at 22-45-14 https live trading212 com