Is T212 publicly traded company?

Hi guys.

No pun intended… I’m thinking to invest on T212. Are you guys publicly traded?

No they are not

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Imagine joining with a referral link and getting a free share of Trading 212 :ok_hand:


It sounds like a crypto token :grin:
Maybe they can release a T212 Coin :money_mouth_face:

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Still trying to locate the pun here.

I’m thinking to invest in Trading 212. Trading 212 is an investing platform so it’s a pun because they want to invest in Trading 212, which has two meanings- either they want to use trading 212 to invest or they want to invest in Trading 212

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I get it but it says on trading 212. Not in 212 words mean things haha

So he should of said I want to invest in trading 212 then the pun would work, if you invest on something it means using it. If he said invested in t212 that means putting money into the company not putting money on the platform haha

What a mouthful though.
Imagine the forum questions:
Is Trading Trading212 on Trading212 possible.


can we short it when copious amounts of hate mail comes in :joy:

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