Invisible stock to pie

To counter the messy investment tab and long list I’ve moved stock into pies to monitor them.
But I have a stock that cannot be seen by a pie when you try to import. It’s there fine under investment but appears invisible to pies?
Any ideas please?

Have you got anymore information such as the stock or a screenshot?

The stock in question is BIGDISH

It is not fractionable.

As @Alien points out the stock is not fractional therefore cannot be added to a pie.

I don’t have fractional shares in it though only whole round shares. Would that still stop it?

Obviously as it’s non fractional

Ok. No problem thank you

No it doesnt matter. The share itself has to be fractional.

Yes, the share has to be fractional regardless of how many do you own.

Ok. That’s fine thanks. This stock is slow to kick off, from my research it set to give justeat a good run in the new year.

Not sure if you have enabled the indicator that shares are fractional but if not you can do it by following these instructions:

I do have some fractionals so probably

Thanks all for the quick replies

You are welcome :+1: