IPad App update?

This is what I’ve been doing if I want to have a look at things on my iPad at the moment

Yes use the new beta website whilst ya wait. https://live.trading212.com/betahttps://live.trading212.com/beta

And the interface is not optimised for ipad. The investment/withdrawl function is to small and not usable on the ipad

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Any news? Is a proper update coming this year?


Any update on this @Team212? App still lacks pies.

Reading your post after almost 3 years and still the 212 app for iPad is pathetic and almost useless. Tech guys at 212 should be ashamed.

Welcome to the Community, @Disappointed :wave:

We have our sights set on achieving total feature parity between the Web and iPad apps by the end of the year.

I’ll keep you updated on any developments!


T212 have implemented a lot this year already. I think perhaps app feature wise more than any other year.

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Is it possible to use the iPhone app on an iPad? In the past (before dedicated iPad apps) using iPhone apps on an iPad you just had to select the screen stretch option and bingo. Would the T212 iPhone app do the same?

WTF happened to the iPad app? Kiss on the forehead for the one(s) fixing this!



Surprise - the iPad app now has complete feature parity with the iOS version :tada:

The new update introduces the Pies and Social community to the iPad while also adding support for Split View and Slide Over :raised_hands:


Fantastic stuff!:champagne:
Thank you so much for the upgrade - looks superb on my iPad !:blush:


So good to see my pies on the iPad! Thank you guys!


I dont understand you guys talking about dividends. you only earn cents maybe a few pounds/euros for 5k or less invested in a stock. What is this obsession about them? I get around 500 euros a year on these dividends, and I dont even think about them. You are not going to be richer with these small amounts invested dividends

@fdagost Not today, but after years and years of compounding - the math works.