IPad App update?

This is what I’ve been doing if I want to have a look at things on my iPad at the moment

Yes use the new beta website whilst ya wait. https://live.trading212.com/betahttps://live.trading212.com/beta

And the interface is not optimised for ipad. The investment/withdrawl function is to small and not usable on the ipad

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Any news? Is a proper update coming this year?


Any update on this @Team212? App still lacks pies.

Reading your post after almost 3 years and still the 212 app for iPad is pathetic and almost useless. Tech guys at 212 should be ashamed.

Welcome to the Community, @Disappointed :wave:

We have our sights set on achieving total feature parity between the Web and iPad apps by the end of the year.

I’ll keep you updated on any developments!

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T212 have implemented a lot this year already. I think perhaps app feature wise more than any other year.