iPad review and suggestions

What I love :
No fees on invest side, i love this.
Use it every day on iPad, i trade/scalp US stocks.

Perfect simple for full beginner,
impossible to use for more educated beginner.
(too much tools missing)

Questionable :
I suspect there is a hidden spread or not enough users/volume, because often current price bar is above my open position and profit remain negative for some time : this looks like a spread.
Stop loss do not execute sometimes, or execute with such delay you lost big money : you must close manually to be safe.

Some functions exist on web or iPhone platforms and are missing on iPad.
Web platform is impossible to use on iPad : you must be on desktop.

Things I would like to be better (on iPad) :
1. please hide my e-mail on the menu screen : I don’t want my neighbor in the train to see my email every time I open menu
2. you can not manage lists : add, delete, change order, rename list (you have to use iPhone)
3. lags, orders not executed in the first minutes at openings : impossible to trade openings safely
4. impossible to place limit sell far from actual price : bought $JE at 6, I want limit sell at 18 in few months
5. no scanner (float, volume, volatility, price …) : please add one
6. no premarket data : very needed to enter at open
7. very limited historical data : historical analysis impossible
8. impossible to display VOLUME (very important) : needed before enter a trade
9. impossible to short US stocks (sell when price going down), so you can trade only half of situations in the market
10. automatic scroll/zoom : in many situations graphic is impossible to read (add EMA 200 or Ichimoku : automatic zoom will prevent you see action)
11. selected zoom is lost every time you switch from stock to other stock
12. number of drawing objects limited to 10 : impossible to do technical analysis
13. can’t use same display template on all stocks : any time you add a stock you must add all indicators one by one, hundred times each day
14. no trailing stop for US stocks : you can not close the app and let your profit grow
15. multi time frame analysis missing : let me split the screen and see 2 or 4 different views on different time frames for the same stock, example : 1 minute + 15 minutes + 1 hour + daily (possible in MT4 app)
16. let me see 2 or 4 different stocks on the same screen in split view
17. announcements/news display on stock chart missing : let me see when earnings or government announcements will happen directly on the graphic so I can exit trades at risky moments
18. let me see beginning and end of the trading day on the graphic (different background color for premarket market and aftermarket) : very important to see clearly start price at open, gaps, end of the trading session approaching on the chart
19. trading journal missing : let me deep analyze all my trades to progress and see when I miss and when I do more profit
20. let me visually represent time periods in the day (background color from begin to end time) : I want mark dangerous periods and good periods of time in the day to exit trades on some periods and enter trades on some other periods
21. StockTwits integration inside app directly : please add it
22. let me see all my enter/exit positions on the charts, and easily navigate between them : so I could quickly review/analyze them or show them to other person
23. add automatic candle patterns recognition and highlighting on the chart with link to educational material for every pattern
24. and option to hide/display easily everything I listed above
25. help me visually respect 2/1 (target/stop loss) ratio when I place buy order (and eventually add margin for stop loss based on ATR indicator). Let me know what is my stop loss dollar risk.
26. for quick scalping : save my last number of shares or amount I used so I could quickly buy/sell the same amount repeatedly (example : I want buy/sell 4000 dollars or 100 shares quickly on all my quick scalps)
27. taxes : generate automatic document to help people fill tax form in the end of the year (Lynx Broker has this feature for French citizens, so many people prefer Lynx to IB in France where I am)
28. advanced features for dividend strategies : find best dividend stocks, deep analysis (like “Simply Safe Dividends” web app)
29. easy transfer funds to an other trading 212 friend user (I want to send money to my wife trading 212 account, so she could start practice psychology with real small money)
30. insider transactions : see when CEO or other share holder of the company buy or sell
31. public portfolio analysis : I want to see when Warren Buffett or ARK invest buy or sell and what he changed in his portfolio recently + alerts
32. SEC fillings deep search and alerts : I want to be able to search words in all SEC fillings for a company and be alerted when a certain words appear
33. alerts messages pop up in a window and block main screen, you need to click ok : please display them on top in a non intrusive box, so I see them but it opens full screen only if I clic
34. stock detail view : show my total gains/losses in this view, and add easy access to transactions history for this stock in a tab without opening separate window
35. duplicate button : when editing line or other object a have options to delete, change color… : need duplicate button to quickly duplicate resistance/support ant other objects
36. no guaranteed stop loss : IG Trading pays the difference when the guaranteed stop do not execute
37. stop loss not executed : you must close manually if you don’t want to loose money (manual stop works well most of the time) : money/risk management based on stop loss impossible
38. various display bugs : parallel channel ok on 15 minutes and 5 minutes, but wrong on 1 minute chart
39. connexion to data lost + refresh button missing : chart display many white dots, instead of red/green candles : you must switch to an other stock and back to last stock to get correct chart displaying again

I understand beginners need simple app.
BUT : more you learn, more you need tools.
Let me buy PRO monthly plan with powerful tools.
Or partner with TradingView and let me trade inside their app using my Trading 212 account (API integration).

Look at this apps, and take good ideas to integrate in Trading 212 :
-IG Trading (iPad) : very powerful for technical analysis, premarket data, guaranteed stop loss, volume displayable (but big fees)
-MT4 (iPad) : split screen with 4 graphics
-StockMaster (iPad) : scanner, portfolios, StockTwits, links to SEC Fillings
-Tradingview (iPad) : powerful chart
-Finviz (web) : powerful scanner, heat maps
-Simply Safe Dividends (web) : powerful tool to pick best stocks for dividend strategy

I love the zero fees on invest side : never change this.

Best regards


There is an iPad upgrade coming soon :soon:
The team already mentioned few times that they are working on it :pray:

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I’d like to add things in the initial post please.

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I am ok for wiki if possible, how to do this ?

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It’s ok, thank you :pray:

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Dear @Team212

There are more and more posts asking for an update to the iPad app. I know we might not get it as a Christmas gift but maybe we can get it for Easter or Chinese New Year or Valentines Day or :man_shrugging: Tooth fairy :fairy:‍♂ day :man_shrugging: basically some time early next year :wink:

Is there any update on this?

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@admins hi all, is there any update on a time frame for the iPad?

I appreciate you’re working hard on a lot of updates but some direction would be greatly appreciated

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Any news on this update for iPad

I would love too if the ipad app has all the futures of the web/iphone app.

Besides that, very satisfied with T212 services.

Any update on the ipad app trading 212 ?


Any chance we could get an update on plans for the iPad app? Really is poor compared to the other versions - surely an upgrade is well overdue now?


Really thinking lately about buying an iPad.
I will be using it a lot to look at stock related stuff.
Is T212 app on iPad still clumsy? Thanks.

Yeah it’s still not worth using on the iPad.

Don’t let that discourage you though. The iPad Pro is a thing of beauty


I use the web version in safari on my iPad Pro - works great! The app itself is pants

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