IPO Requests Efficiency

Morning @David

Would it be more helpful if I tagged all the admins, ie. [at]admins when posting reminders to get the IPOs added?

Conscious I might be shooting everyone in the foot by just tagging yourself and @Rumen in these and days where the requests are missed/late are becoming much more prevalent.

Let me know if the others should be getting involved too and I’ll tag everyone for a wider spread of awareness.




How about a shared google form/sheet for people to add requests and a listing date. That way people could see in one place a list of what’s coming up & when, that might help de clutter the forum?

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@Joey_Fantana Hi. :wave:t2:

Usually, I or @Rumen do the adding so it wouldn’t really help to tag anyone else. We’ll do our best to add them as soon as possible or at least communicate a delay in a timely manner.