IPO Addition Process

While we wait for the proposed solution regarding Corporate Announcements to be developed, after the disappointment a lot of us have faced today due to the missed VRM IPO, it might be worth setting up an official workaround process to ensure these are prioritised and set up in time for the stocks going live in future.

Whether this would work via a dedicated IPO sub section of the forum or a direct message to a @Team212 member, I don’t know but would be good to get a view from the team as to how we avoid missing these opportunities in future.




Literally just posted on the forum about this! Totally agree with you and would welcome a proper process for the addition of IPO stocks.

I’m genuinely annoyed about missing out on VROOM and want a process to be in place before AirBnb IPOs.


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I know it’s safe advice to not trade / buy into IPO stocks but I’m still interested in a day trade, short term position on IPO stocks.

We’ve missed out on VRM today due to slow reaction by the T212 team.

I understand it takes time to prioritise and action all requests by users but IPO stocks should be a top priority.

Can we have an open discussion on this and a guaranteed process on this matter. I don’t want to be buying AIRBNB stock hours after it’s been added to T212 - please let’s not cock that up.

Please can we make sure that at the very least, IPO stocks especially ones requested multiple times via multiple users are added to the platform ASAP.



Yeah it’s been a real opportunity missed today. I’m gutted but hopeful gains can still be made if VRM gets loaded fast.

Appreciate that the @Team212 have been run ragged with beta testing and a number of errors occurring after an update, but this is why we need a process in place so that there is dedicated resource at the right times.

There are a number of IPO trackers and calendars and if it’s a matter of adding the ticker and waiting til they go live then this could be done well in advance as the tickers for many of these are known up front.

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That at the very least sounds good to me. The fact we use trackers then post on the forum then wait for someone to action is just a waste of time.

As @mcwilliams91 mentioned, I think it would be super useful for @Team212 to educate us on what happens behind the scenes currently so we have an idea of the effort needed and the current process.

I still think this process needs to be rethought. Makes it more efficient for the @Team212 as well as us investors who want to act quick on a IPO stock.

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I wonder if IPO tanked, would it cause such a stir? :slight_smile:

Realistically market today is in similar state to 2000 dot com bubble, every other crap company that never made a dime is having cap value increased by 50-100% in days sometimes hours… :slight_smile:

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Ha ha, agreed. I did the research on some of these recent IPO. It does feel like that lol I mean shift4 hasn’t made a profit and was around since 1999. I left that one out lol not for me.

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I think that’s by the by. If you’ve done your research to the point you want to buy in and you can’t it’s obviously frustrating.

Frustrating still if you can’t get hold of anyone for 8hrs (or 24hrs in @AdrianUK 's case).

There’s another IPO scheduled this week. If VRM tanked, I’d still want to buy into the upcoming one.

But yes. Hurts twice as much knowing what we missed.

I subscribe to the don’t invest more than you’re willing to lose approach, so if it had tanked, I was mentally prepared for it.

In any case IPOs should be better handled. That’s not a complaint as I appreciate the team are busy. But it’s a commitment that hasn’t been lived up to on this occasion, hence the suggestion for formalisation.

I have no ill will :slight_smile:

Just pray caution, we are in extremely bubbly environment. Valuations crazy as pre 2000…

I would not touch anything that has no stable balance sheet and proven record of positive earnings…

If we are talking about investing…

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Nor I, sir. Apologies if it came over that way. Frustrating day.

Agree your points, but I’m also not averse to a cheeky punt now and then. :wink:

I have only just realised the Vroom IPO has happened and am new to Trading212. How does it work with an IPO offering on the day and within the App? I’d like to try and buy stocks when Azek IPO launches but not sure of the process…can someone please help? Thanks

That’s what this thread is hoping to ascertain. Usually this would be raised here (tagging @David) and picked up but with so much going on elsewhere today the VRM has been missed as no one has had time to look at these boards.

Conscious AZEK is this week too. Think the 11th but that could change, so really need to push for it.

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Know you guys (@Team212 @David) are busy with a multitude of projects but it would be good to at the very least get a brief response on this topic. Cheers and thanks for your efforts!

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A new post in the Stocks & ETFs requests with a ping of me, @Martin, @PeterA would be sufficient. *Ping us more than once, preferably until we respond the same day.
Also, we’d appreciate it if you could ping us on IPO day or at least when it’s certain that it’ll happen because it really doesn’t help us if we get pinged a week or two before an IPO with the question if we can add it. On the exchanges we currently have, we can do anything.

We usually follow them on our own & make sure to add them but the last few days were a bit hectic so we missed VRM.


Thanks for the clarity @David. Wasn’t aware of Martin or PeterA so that’s good to know.

My thinking was if the ticker is known ahead of time, that would make things more comfortable for you getting it in early rather than stressing you (and us! :slight_smile: ) on the day.

Cheers again.


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Thanks for the clarity @David, appreciated.

Hopefully that answers everyone’s questions! :grin:

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