IPOs going live TODAY (Wed 15th July)

@Joey_Fantana Sure thing :+1:t2:


Like a boss. Cheers mate.

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@David GOCO, DEHU and MLACU all available on IB now.

@David @Martin @PeterA - friendly reminder. IB now updated for some of the above.

Hi David, have todays IPOS been added today.

@Joey_Fantana :eyes:

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@David, thanks very much, although the following aren’t showing up - have they been added too?

NYSE:DEH.U (D8 Holdings)
NYSE:MLACU (Malacca Straits Acquisition)


Is GoHealth (GOCO) showing yet? I can’t find it through the search function.

It is - might just need to restart your phone.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try :+1:t2: It worked! Thanks again

I can find it, but it’s saying “Couldn’t Load Data”, (same on mobile and desktop). Have re-started phone, but no joy.

GoHealth & Renalytix are live. The rest are SPACs which units consist also of warrants, so we’re unable to support them.

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No data available because the IPO hasn’t gone live yet - keep watching it throughout the afternoon.

Is there any way for us to get notifications when these companies start trading on the platform at all?


Ah yes! I was a little too eager, thanks for that.

Can I subscribe US IPO stocks at initial issued price at Trading 212?

As far a I understand, no.
For example, NCNO, its IPO was yesterday and I believe it was issued at under 40 USD, but by the time T212 had access to the stock it was on 77 USD.
I guess it is because that 77 USD is based on a sale in the secondary market, not part of the actual shares issue.

I believe (but don’t know) that it comes down to Institutional and Private Equity investors getting first dibs, most likely because they have supported the company privately (see Scottish Mortgage Inv Trust as an example that invests in lots of unlisted companies) so as they purchase their shares, and with the Institutions buying in tremendous volume, it ramps the price byt he time retail investors can get in.

Although I was shown this site today, which seems to let you buy in at open for select IPOs (not all) but seems to need you to meet certain criteria.

Were this Pershing Square Tontine Holdings joke or what

Read the thread before posting please.

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