Is it me or is T212 stock pricing out of sync with real time stock pricing, which means I and other customers are paying more?


Whenever I look at the google and stocktwits real time stock pricing and compare it to T212, T212 appears to way behind and even worse has the incorrect price of a stock.

Take for example as of right now. 20:45 GMT the stock ALPP has the price of 5.45340 on T212, but on google and stocktwits the price is at 5:35.

This means me and other customers are paying more on T212 than what the price actually is in real time. Can someone explain what’s going here?

Trading 212 graphs are last bid, Google is last buy price I believe.

Also, it doesn’t matter at all what the graph shows. You get best execution at the best price available at the time. The graphs are just indicative but aren’t guarantees of what you’ll pay. You use limit orders to choose the price, and you’ll get that or better when/if it executes

but at the end of market day T212 then matches the exact price of the stock on the market? but it’s unable to be accurate during market hours?

No it doesn’t. Have a look through and most won’t line up. Just sometimes last bid and last buy line up.

It is accurate. It’s nearly 100% accurate of all the bids during the day. It’s not a valid measure of buy as it isn’t showing the buy prices

Firstly, the price feed comes from bloomberg. It is purely indicative. For some stocks, such as OTC stocks like ALPP, it is not as great as exchanges like NYSE or NASDAQ.

Secondly, order execution is separate. It is handled by InteractiveBrokers. All orders are bound and regulated by best execution policy, available on the website. The pricefeed, its accuracy or its display lag, has 0 impact on your execution.

As Cavan said, use limit orders if you are concerned about what price you get filled at.

Edit: Oh also, on OTC stocks like ALPP, note that the T212 feed is real-time, google appears to be delayed looking at their disclaimer. Be careful to check when comparing to other price sources.

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You mean ASK :wink:

T212 plots the ASK on the chart in invest/ISA. (In CFD it plots BID by default and can flip to ASK if going short.)

The reason is Google is showing the trade that’s happened, so yeah if the last trade was a buy and they paid the full ASK then they should be the same.


I knew it was going to be the other other one. I was taking a 50/50 guess. I don’t really care about the differences I just buy :joy:

I find it easier to use “Buy” and “Sell” price.

No worries if thought I’d pick it up in case it gets repeated by others

Well when you look at the order book you have the bids are the buyer’s (most they will pay to cheapest), and asks side are the sellers stacked up (lowest they will part with to the highest)

When talking about buying you looking at what is being ASKed by the sellers. How much are they ASKing for.

The difference is the spread between that ask and what buyer wants to pay. If the seller wants to offload or desperate they might come down towards the bid to take less than what they are asking for

Like someone selling a car I’m asking a grand, the buy only wants to spend £800, so the seller may accept £900 and call it a deal.

On the other hand if there’s a demand the buyer will pay the full ask if they want to buy immediately.

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