Why Are Some T212 Stock Prices Different To Prices Shown Elsewhere?

I realise this question has been touched upon before but I don’t think we’ve got to the bottom of the issue.

When I look at some stock prices on the T212 website/app, they sometimes differ to the stock price quoted on other websites - from Google, to HL, to Yahoo etc. This is not only during trading hours but also when the market is closed, so surely it can’t be due to a time delay. What is the cause for this difference? Who is correct? Thanks in advance.


Trading212 have pretty accurate prices( verified with a friend that has multiple account with other brookers ( interactive and degiro) I think google, yahoo or sites like stockwits doesn’t display the prices in realtime :slight_smile:

We provide live market data while most other services show delayed prices.


What about opening prices? Look at Ocado as an example today. Google finance. Yahoo etc say the opening was 1919.00 very clear and the daily percent changes are based on that. Earliest price in T212 app is 1913.4 at 8am. All percent changes are based off that wrong opening price which seems buggy and is annoying. If the prices are realtime or every 10 mins at least something like the opening price should be correct or am I missing something?

Edit. Seems like close price of previous day is used to work out % change today but close price is wrong for ocado . 1912.5 in T212 vs 1903.5 in reality.??!!

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Same question about the opening prices like I mentioned on my last post: PING STOCK(prices cents higher than the real price)

Thanks, there is 1 more inconsistency, The chart shows different falls and rises as to other sites. But i believe Trade212 to be accurate since it leaves a pattern as time passes by. is there any other reason.

I don’t believe the T212 charts are minute by minute, they sort of given a more brief overview. Yahoo Finance’s, for example, is more accurate for this reason, as it seems to show more minute movements. At least, this is the impression I’ve got from T212’s mobile app