Trading 212 Price Difference

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Does anyone know why the T212 price is different to everywhere else? I waited until market close to compare, and noticed across Yahoo Finance, Google, LSE, the price is set at the same price of 537.00. However T212 has closed at 542.23.

I’d understand if the market showed different prices when it was open, as they all update at different times. But why is T212 showing a different price for a close market?

For reference, I used Clipper Logistics PLC (CLG) as an example.

Thanks in advance, Greg.

The reason is use of different price feeds. Some show last price at market close, others show last price aftermarket following uncrossing trade.

LSE records show this

Note prices just before and after 16:30.


This was the last trade

This was the ASK

Here’s the trades the Offer is the same word for ASK or buy price.

The 537 was the sells at the end of the day. UT is the uncrossing trade.

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Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated.

Where can I access this information you provided in the screenshot Phil? Is this something you built yourself or is it available online?

It would be really useful for me to go through and do some homework on how this all works.

Cheers! Greg.

Think of it if someone said this apple :green_apple: is 50p (that’s what they are ASKing), you say I only really want to buy at 45p, the seller accepts 48p. So the ASK was 50p the trade was done at 48p. If you really wanted it you might pay full ASK and 50p is the trade.

That screengrab is from ADVFN if you click on trades you’ll see it. If you don’t want to pay then be ready to screengrab as it’s limited.

For US I use WeBull which allows you to see the order book and T&S.

The order book shows size so whilst T212 would only see the 2.4 ask in app. Here you know it’s only 300 shares but you can see a (potential) massive sell wall at 2.5 etc

The T&S show what people are buying and selling, when and if on the ask or bid side or black somewhere in the middle as a compromise.

So in this the Bid side are the buyer’s lined up, and Ask are the sellers and what they are wanting and the combined shares to be filled. It’s stacked so highest wants to pay Vs the lowest to sell.

ADVFN records the best Offer (ask) and best Bid at the time of the trade.

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