Is it possible to block someone in the chats?

There is one poster, nothing untoward or reportable whose posts I find of no interest whatsoever.
Can I stop seeing them if I wanted to do so ?

Who is it Nige, spill the beans?

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50/50 it’s gonna be you :rofl:


Hey, @Nige :wave:

For the time being, there is no way to mute or block a user in the Socials. I do agree that such a feature could be useful, and will pass your feedback onward.

It’s our aim to keep a positive environment in the Socials, and it is constantly monitored. Still, don’t hesitate to use the “Report” button if you notice anything that goes against the guidelines.

I was thinking the same, mute the only guy who talks any sense on there. :laughing:


Don’t spoil the fun :blush:

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Is it me? Am I the drama?

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Actually would be quite good addition. I would definitely mute a couple I have in mind

A trouble shared is a pain in the ****
I’m assuming it’s a bloke but a lot of his sentences don’t make much sense and it’s never on a topic I have any interest in and are just so boring. I will see if I can find one of the the worst and post some of it here
Could T212 also automatically block anyone who posts …Will X go up or down next week…with no opinion of their own ever expressed ?
Anyone who spells dividend incorrectly loses 5% of their holding and it’s given to charity.
And rocket emojis cost a £10 each if the share they mention isn’t at least 25% higher in 7 days.
Anyone who posts about shares which are £35+ each in the penny shares section loses one of those shares and each week the person who posts seemingly unaware that shares can go up and down, is distraught at a 2% fall, sentence to be determined by a panel.


Gone back 5 days and can’t find one. Perhaps he has blocked me !
Can I add, despite there being 30000 posts about the share, someone adds this as they think no one else has posted about it
Trka, Note, Prem, Tesla
Any thoughts ?


Interest rates gone to 45%, inflation 50%, hurricane has flattened all major cities and the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park are real and have escaped and a number of people post

S&P500 or ftse100
Any reason for the fall ?

What, you have to look at the news,investing is so unfair.

These ones kill me the most. People relying on the kindness of strangers despite being a mere Google away from finding their answer!


I think I’ve mentioned this before but i loose a lot of brain cells visiting the chats… going by all the general stupidity of the modern day world (main stream media, social media, workplace etc) am destined to run out at this rate. :rofl:

So ditching chats is a quick one for me imo

Someone added this in the penny shares today. This should be two penalties in one !!

What u think about Tesla now, going up this week?

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Can Trading212 give some kind of idea if this will be available in the future as it is really frustrating scrolling through and constantly seeing posts like people asking if X company is good, or just showing random screenshots of stocks that have performed well lately but with zero context. They are free to do so but I would like a mute button so I don’t need to be subject to it

Appreciate the feedback :pray: We have it in mind and are considering implementing such an option.