How bad would it get for FTSE from 21/12/20

Given the new variant of the virus ravaging the UK resulting in stricter lockdown and all the travel ban of people and in some cases goods coming out of the UK by many countries.

Am expecting investors fleeing from UK stocks, just cant determine how bad it’s gonna be to determine how much sedative needed to stop me joining the rat race :thinking:

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It’s not going to drop overnight based on the current news, the last national lockdown had little effect.
No deal brexit could be messy but in my opinion due only to scaremongering.
Either way if it drops based on nothing it will rise even higher based on something so hold your nerve and choose your stocks

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Wouldn’t surprise me if Borris buckles at the last hurdle and accepts a deal with the EU.
He has followed the EU’s footsteps the whole way through this year. The guy touted for brexit but hasn’t really put his foot down at all.

We will know shortly though, so who knows what will happen.
I think it might actually be a better scenario if we get no deal - as it may push other nations to do the same such as Italy.

So you have done a lot of research and you fully understand the country partnership over 40 years within the bloc?

You fully understand the supply of capital, movement of people and supply chains, the labour market and consumer manifestation.


What will happen will happen, but please stop spreading misinformation.
Factual information and objective presentation more than welcomed.

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Seen as you have 99 as part of your user id I presume you haven’t been alive long enough to know much, studying isn’t living my friend go preach to someone who gives a shit.

I understand what was what is and what will be thats enough for me to make my decision

Like it or not - that’s just my opinion on the matter.
If you want factual information - you will have to wait until after Brexit, because anything prior to that - will be guesstimates at best.

I am not preaching.
I only asked some questions.

Don’t be patronising with your “questions” just ask

In time manufacturing on the cars for example. This can/will take a big hit.

Swings and roundabouts, the country didn’t crash when thatcher shut the mines it just moved on to other things ie financial markets

And there is a strong North south devide with many cities in poverty…

A bit like what Dr Beaching did with the railways, if you know him…

I’ve heard of Dr bleaching he goes around spreading fake news about our country rather than sticking to the facts

I imagine we will see a few people try to emulate what Soros did with the decoupling of the pound to euro, in a modern context around brexit, fishing and covid.

UK market is used to changing when something threatens to collapse it. Just can’t tell where it will find its next support and for how long that will become the norm.