Is it time to dump all EU stocks?

As the previous thread was shut without clear explanation here it is again for you all to discuss hopefully without the being moderated for no reason a 2nd time

I would not dump EU stocks, but I prefer to hold them via ETFs such as EUE and VERX. To match world %s the EU region should comprise about 1/3 of my ex-US portfolio.

Fundsmith, in which I have a large holding has L’Oréal. At several AGMs Terry Smith has mentioned this company as the company he would hold if he could hold just one company.

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I hold stocks in all areas also I’m just looking for a more diverse debate over the just sell all UK rhetoric that’s being spread like wildfire, it’s not helpful

An interesting question is whether or not it makes sense for an investor to be overweight in their home market. I have heard this argued on a couple endowment investment committees. “We do it because our liabilities are in GBP”.

UK pension funds are often overweight in UK stocks. Vanguard Lifestrategy funds, which many people like, are very overweight in UK stocks, and deliberately so since Vanguard thinks UK investors like this.

But does it really make sense to invest disproportionately in your home market?

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Any chance we can dump all politicisation of this forum please? I’m sure I’m not the only one fed up with this nationalist nonsense.


It could be interesting to adjust the topic to one about regional diversification. How important is it? Would a portfolio of only US stocks make sense?

World weights look like this

VUSA 59.2%
VUKE 4.2%
VERX 13.3%
VJPN 7.6%
VAPX 5.0%
VFEM 10.7%

With every major EU country entering full lockdown mode. It might be a good idea to limit exposure. Now that being said, the markets are so rigged by central banks that I’m not even sure the real economy still matters for them :smiley:

Yes I agree. I’m getting tired of the extremist British nationalism that’s entering this forum. It serves no purpose.


we’ll see if this continues, historically earnings and index performance are very correlated, can’t recall seeing one examining just EU stocks but for the US it had held true quite well


I’m not a British extremist? I’m simply offering a diverse debate and seen as only the argument for the UK is being mentioned I offered the world view instead

Well not quite. The praising of the British empire and insulting of other people’s cultures and history shown by some over the past few days has no place in an investing forum!


I suggest everyone refocus on investment ideas. I just read a fun article in the paper that I can recommend. Five interesting lessons: What do you think of them?

Investment lessons to remember from a year to forget


I don’t own any ETF yet but i do have individual stocks active managed funds via HL, If it’s not too much to ask for, could you edit your post and include the charges.

Also with Vanguard ETF, is there an advantage buying via it’s platform as against T212?

I added the the ongoing charges for you:
VUSA 59.2% - 0.07%
VUKE 4.2% - 0.09%
VERX 13.3% - 0.10%
VJPN 7.6% - 0.15%
VAPX 5.0% - 0.15%
VFEM 10.7% - 0.22%


And one can see that a pie of these costs less that VWRL at 0.22%. I think it is cheaper to buy and hold with Trading 212. You can buy with Vanguard but they have a platform fee of 0.15%, capped at £375 a year.

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Is not timing the market an option anyone here ever considers?

I think the main investors here are attracted by the isa and pie options so more of a set it and forget it strategy. If I had the skills and mindset the day or swing trade at the moment I think the gains could be enormous