Is it the time to dump UK stocks?

Is it the time to sell the UK stocks? Fortunately I’ve already sold RR before BoJo went to Brussels but I’m still invested in the UK banking and REIT sectors.
I wonder if any of you expect a rebound of UK stocks any time soon considering hard brexit is more likely.

No I buy more when there’s a sale on


I don’t invest in UK companies, only because none meet my more growth-focused criteria.

However, if I was a betting man, I’d say that a deal will eventually be ironed out in time, which should see many UK stocks as well as the value of the pound rebound significantly.


I’d keep a close eye on your REIT shares or ETF’s. Cause if we come out of Europe with out a deal. Investors and company might have to think twice about weather the UK is the best place to be for the European Markets. But think the Banks should be well prepared for any possible out come from Brexit.

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Mostly buying UK Stocks for Dividend plays now over Growth, and hoping Keywords Studios takes a hit to finally buy into it.

The UK will be fine with or without a deal as a lot of Commonwealth Countries want to trade with us without the EU getting involved.

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That sounds more like whishful thinking. I though the post/brexit “growth” plan was focused more on Asia rather than Commonwealth anyway. Commonwealth is toast and they seem to look towards China for more investment & trade.

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The pound is already high? This is a news based dip there’s nothing “actually” wrong with the UK companies its just the usual sell sell sell strategy endorsed by so many fools that then buy back in a week later.

I’ve heard it all now, the UK doesn’t have any growth companies so doesn’t meet your criteria? That’s a joke presumably

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With what China has just done to Australia you think the commonwealth is toast and the UK will look towards China for investment? Where the hell are you getting this nonsense from!

This is the trouble and why the stocks have just been dumped, there’s just too many idiots thinking they have worked the world clock out.


Whole Brexit thing, FTSE 100 dominated by tobacco, oil, banks, mining - okay so mostly growth sectors apparently /s

I personally find the whole UK market in general not too interesting but did find some interesting stocks like Hikma Pharmaceuticals and Tritax Big box. Unilever with it’s exposure to Emerging markets (just like Hikma) also interst me.


Brexit has been alive for years yet it affects the price today? Its news based all the way, if they hadn’t reported on the no deal scenario in a doom and gloom manner (which is the best deal at the moment in my opinion) we wouldn’t have a stock dump situation that we have now.

What happens next week?
I see enormous potential for the FTSE across the board, so many undervalued companies right now that are doing nothing different to before


Performance of several European indices vs the FTSE100 (UKX) over the last 5 years (since June 2016 so just after the initial bad news).

Brexit brought uncertainty for companies and could really affect the competitive position of British companies badly going forward so I personally don’t think the bad news is that overblown.

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I think your right we will join the other failing countries outside of the eu like Iceland…

We never achieved anything as a country until we joined Europe.

Hang on as I think I might have this the wrong way round :thinking:

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I think the UK has done a great deal of things over the years, at one point we owed 1/3 of the world in land mass. But you can’t tell me the government know what’s coming with a no deal Brexit? So how can the UK company’s know what’s going to happen? That’s the unsettling facts here.

Iceland has a tiny gdp and is reliant on tourism…its also in the EEA!? …half the common wealth hate us, don’t think India coming to our rescue, our immigration system massively hated by them they have already demanded visas, visa and more visas for any type of deal.
Our country leveraged other countries resources to get our empire, quickly lost it and have been on the retreat ever since, don’t you remember the sick man of Europe pre joining…? The future of global trade is ever more interconnected, based on rules based systems and everything involves some form of trade off, particularly joint appeals courts and surrender of some sovereignty. Uk is a nothing in global sense , the power house are USA, EU AND CHINA, gdp $20 trill, 19 trillion, China 14 trillion. they control global standards and trade.

A no deal is an appalling failure of statecraft and possible the worst self inflicted damage a country has done to itself in decades.


You don’t have to be a global powerhouse to have a successful country

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Yes please, dump your UK stocks. I like to buy the dips!!!


Your right 500 years was a short amount of time…

There’s a war on the horizon, pick a side

I didn’t mean to make this a political or “patriotic” discussion. It’s clear the uk stocks have been failing since the hard brexit has became more likely.

I decided to sell the remaining UK stocks on Monday and buy back when/if a deal is announced or the stocks become dirt cheap.

I refer to my previous post

I wonder why you sold RR? I just did DCA as a sales oportunity