Is NIO inc worth investing?

I was not looking to spam, sorry…
Just to inform, following my previous message, that our New NIO ETP 3x will be available for trading tomorrow, and that we are aware that the pricing for some of the new ETP was not live today. I apologize for the inconvenience!

I can’t seem to find this on the app. Has it been taken off?

I’m using an isa by the way.

NIO isn’t an ISA-eligible stock (ADR).

But XPEV (XPeng) is?

Both are technically the same kind of business lol

There are discussions and explanations about NIO and other non-ISA eligible ADRs in several threads in T212 community forum. A simple search will shed more light about it.

The ISA-eligibility of ADRs aren’t about the kind of business they operate in.
As an UK fiscal resident you should know more about your taxation and HMRC. As it’s weird that a non-UK fiscal resident know more about it than a British resident.

If XPEV is available on ISA, maybe T212 will take it off, as already have done with NIO.

Yeah be careful, i was in Nio at $5 when it was removed from my ISA.

I suggest ETFs. They are the best diversified stocks in one place for beginners. If you intend to buy nio its a Chinese car maker making no profit and risky. I suggest buying a small amount if you insist on buying nio. Buying it when its bearing (price going down). With Tesla its much better, but the price is very high to buy it now. Best price is on the 600s .

Apparently it’s on the HK stock exchange which qualifies it in the ISA.

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Which ETF’s do you recommend for NIO then?

As I’m using an ISA and NIO isn’t on there so would be a great alternative.

There is the 3x Long and 3x Short ETP of GraniteShares.
ISA eligible

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