So I jumped on the band wagon on Nikola for a quick pay day which I did but then got greedy (lesson learnt) however I’ve lost all faith in Nikola ever coming to something so won’t be going near even to try and predict a day trade profit. Also this video sums it up about Cathy from ark


I mean yes I know that there number 1 holding is Tesla so naturally they will be slightly bias but with Tesla looking at rocketing over the next few months if they report a profit in the forth Q and become eligible to join the S&P 500 and then with their “battery day” in September it’s looking positive, despite everyone thinking it’s over valued or at least everyone being for or against that it’s over valued.

NIO on the other hand just received 10 billion from Chinese banks and is looking like it will have a very strong future.

SOLO, not really done enough research yet to comment on but just wondering what people’s thoughts and ideas are are these stocks and if your invested in any. Personally I’m in NIO and Tesla but definitely in for the long term.

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I’m just Tesla when it comes to EVs. Most innovative and has the largest growth potential in my opinion.


I’m 25% Tesla right now


I think it is 10 billion Yuan, which is around 1.5 billion USD.


Tesla will easily pass 2k per share this year… people will continue to say that it’s overvalued, it will pass 3k in 2021… and guess what?
Aihnnn… it’s overvalued :money_with_wings:

I have NIO in my Risky pie… in my view, it worth to hold at least through 2021.


Yer sorry my bad I should of specified :joy: still banks wouldn’t invest if they didn’t believe in it?

Yer me too​:joy: I really wanna go, stuff it YOLO and go like 50-75% or even all in and go against all logic but then the last few months shares just havnt seemed to follow logic :flushed:

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Re NIO - they have a negative gross profit - is it still worth buying a few for long term?


@Jimmy1, it depends on whether you think it has sufficient growth potential to outbalance the risk.

So, the financials currently are quite bad. It makes a loss, it has A LOT of debt and it burns cash very quickly.
On the other hand, it is growing quickly and it recently got a big loan as mentioned above, however I seem to remember that most of this debt is with the Chinese government.

So basically, very high risk investment, but it may also be high reward. It nearly defaulted a few months ago (highlighting its risk) but its growing quickly (highlighting its reward).


Man Tesla is killing it pre-market:


I’m seriously considering just dumping all my other stock positions and going all in. $10,000 here we go.


I just don’t understand how its possible…

It’s a very good company, yes, but I don’t see why it is the largest car manufacturer by market capitalisation when it sells little compared to the others and it doesn’t even make sustained profits.

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nice, bought 10k worth at 800 and up double in a couple months. crazy.

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Just people pricing in too much still, I think it’s being pushed by the expectations of a profit and hence S&P 500 entrance. The earning on the future will by far beat any car manufacturer. They’re much more than just cars

true, I think there is a lot of short squeezing going on too.

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Watching my toddlers portfolio run 40% up since beta pies… on wings of NIO/TSLA… crazy stuff…


I’ll wait on a stock split to get into Tesla lol just too expensive for me at the moment.

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It’s fractional though?

Yeah it’s big in my sons portfolio too, but not much money in his account yet

I keep wanting to get involved in Tesla but each day I think I’ve missed the boat as it continues to grow and grow and grow. So last month I should have but expected a drop so held out, but no such drop then last week the same…held out and then off it fired…can it really just keep growing like this?

Tbh I’m pretty sure Tesla will be worth more than it’s current valuation. It might seem overpriced by todays standard, but stock price is also the expected discounted future cashflows of the company. It is the most valuable car company in the world justifiably so because of it’s intangible assets like the ability to make good cars and bring them to a growing market. While basically creating the entire market for EVs along with the networks and infrastructure to produce and charge batteries. This has all been achieved with 0 competition. The future cashflows of the company look to grow exponentially as they setup new factories globally.

Considering it’s expected future earnings in light of this, my opinion is that Tesla is still cheap. The most valuable auto maker is still a low bar. Think big monopolies like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft. They were big names back in the day and they practically killed off all their competition by being the best.

I’ll sell some when they are maybe at maximum market penetration and done with growth. Probably when around half of all new cars being sold are Teslas. Kinda like how every other phone is an iPhone. Or every computer is a windows one. Which you probably bought on Amazon :rofl:. Even then I’ll still hold some of the company, I just plan to take most of my profits around then.