Is now the time to go gold?

Ive never owned shares in gold. However I’m considering doing so now to diversify my portfolio a bit, and also it just seems like something I should consider doing. It may also be sensible in a move to hedge against economic uncertainty, particularly with omicron.

Have looked into iShares physical gold and also Polymetal international.

It now the time to go gold?

I got a big chunk of my pf in gold/gold miners

I dont worry about omicron, we have the tech and infrastructure in place to deal with it. Just annoying…

I am more concerned about inflation, China’s economy, and global politics effect on stock market. Gold has great times ahead imo.

dyor, cheers

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There’s a gentleman that runs a YouTube channel “pension craft” that has done several videos on gold of which some available to member of the public while the others are restricted to his channel supporters and patrons.

It is not always straight forward that the widely notion that Gold is a good hedge or risk diversification against market turbulence, economic shock and inflation – it depends on the underline root causes of some many variables.

Also, how far you are in your investment journey also comes into play – as in the very long run, studies have shown the market outperforms gold.

On a different note, if the unthinkable happens ie we return to Gold standard what would that mean for Gold investors :thinking:

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I personally think reliable dividend payers and companies play on commodities rather than the commodities themselves. Example I hold BP which is obviously oil/gas play which will help keep up with inflation and is undervalued. I also see companies like Unilever who have shown they can exercise pricing power in recent quarter and then there are things like Tritax Big Box which have regular rent reviews and many are inflation linked and cannot be reviewed down, not to mention their land will be increasing in value.
Others such as tech companies with pricing power such as Microsoft, AWS part of Amazon, Nvidia probably business wise do well regardless of stock movements.

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Only if you plan to hold that position for at least 400 years. (not a typo)


Gold is showing some pretty solid patterns every day which we update constantly. Truly a great instrument to day trade with. In terms of investing in it (buying bullion) you will probably need to invest colossal amounts of money to make a decent gain which you will have a hard time enjoying as you will most probably be dead by the time it makes a relevant profit.

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